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Long lasting red film protects battery terminals, cables and bulkhead connectors from corrosion.
Static dissipative antistatic clamshells for 3u, 6u, and pci electronic semiconductor components.
Single-strand aluminum wiring was installed in many homes built in the mid 1960's to early 1970's. Aluminum has certain qualities that make it an undesirable material as an electrical conductor. It should be noted that multi-strand aluminum wiring is commonly used in modern construction. My Home Inspector Said Aluminum Wiring Will Catch My House On Fire!  Steve Stenros is the owner of First Choice Inspections. Icicles, ice dams, and snow slides are all dangerous and destructive consequences of living in snow country. Heatizon's patented roof heating products install directly under your roof covering materials protecting your investment from leaks and ice dams without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of your roof line. Heating your roof eaves and valleys with a Heatizon System adds value to your home by eliminating potential roof leaks, torn gutters, and damaged shingles.
Protect guests, clients, and loved ones and relax while our system safely prevents dangerous snow and ice build up on your roof.
The entire Heatizon Systems product line is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out, and has nothing that requires routine maintenance. ZMESH is a one of a kind heating element that is made to go on a wood sub roof directly under any non-conductive shingle. Tuff cable is used in a heat sink kit for metal roofing applications, or under valley metal and metal flashing.

Our highly experienced dealer, installer and technical support teams are the best in the business. Aluminum becomes brittle with age and will fatigue and break down when subjected to bending. Exposure to the air causes oxidation at the surface of the wire which makes it less conductive. Rewire the home with copper wire: While this is the most effective method, rewiring is expensive and impractical, in most cases. This wiring has proven to be safe as long as anti-oxidant paste is applied at the connections which prevents dangerous oxidation from occurring.
Millions of dollars of damage result each year as ice and water penetrates roofing materials and leaks into homes and offices. Our roof de-icing products are the only way to permanently protect your investment from winter woes. It also increases the life of your roof by preventing chemicals and workers from damaging your roof.
Our roof deicing systems also utilize gentle low voltage technology throughout your roof `s eaves and valleys. Our heating elements are the most durable available and are backed by an industry leading 25 year limited warranty.
The Zmesh requires no build up, and can be nailed or stapled through provided it does not come in contact with any other electrically conductive material. Neglected aluminum wiring connections become increasingly dangerous over time and may overheat and create a fire hazard.
Fatigue will cause the wire to break down internally and will increasingly resist electrical current, leading to a buildup of excessive heat.

Over time, this process will cause connections between the wire and the device to degrade creating a fire hazard. Many injuries occur as icicles and large amounts of snow suddenly slide off of roof lines onto walkways and entrances.
In addition your investment in a Heatizon System will set your mind at ease knowing your customers, employees, friends and family can avoid injuries sustained from sliding snow and ice.
The Heatizon Control Box incorporates a self-monitoring computer board with auto shut off mechanisms for out- of-ordinary operation.
To be the first to review this product, Login or Register Please wait while we perform your request. A good home inspector will always recommend that single-strand aluminum wiring be evaluated by a qualified electrician who is experienced with aluminum wiring problems. This deformation will create a loose connection and increase electrical resistance in that location. Heatizon Systems produces the perfect long term solutions to dangerous and destructive ice and snow build up on roofs.
VME-6U, PCI, and CPCI-3U cards.Custom logo printing available and custom designs for larger quantities.

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