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Lustrous white Akoya pearls balance upon a smooth, curved bar of 14k yellow gold, partioned by semi-circle stations of shimmering diamond pave. Meticulously constructed in Italy, they have been fashioned from metal with an aged gold finish and bedecked with glistening red and white Swarovski crystals.
Featuring a striking mouth pendant suspended from a glass pearl, these statement-making earrings have been personalised with the brand's signature interlocking gold-tone G logo across the lobe. Any variation in color or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique..

Intricately woven leather pieces make a heart reminiscent of the baskets Scandinavian children make at Christmas.
Featuring red stone post surrounded by brilliant Swarovski® crystals with fleurs-de-lis style pattern on chandelier portion. Shaped as simple spheres, these textured 18-karat gold earrings are an elegant everyday style.
Deity of earthly waters and fertility Tlaloc was believed to be responsible for drought as well as for floods in ancient Teotihuacan.

This belief spread throughout Mexico reaching the Maya who referred to him as Chaac and from there to Central American cultures. Crafted from silver-tone brass, they're punctuated with faceted black beads for a light-catching finish.

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