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N-Tunea„?a€™s On-Ear noise-isolation design seals out distracting environments to keep your experience intact. To avoid hearing damage, make sure that the volume on your music player is turned down before connecting your headphones.
Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB), exposure to any noise at or above 85 dB can cause gradual hearing loss. This decibel (dB) table compares some common sounds and shows how they rank in potential harm to hearing.
Our headphones will allow you to hear more details at lower volume levels than ever before. Do not use headphones when it's unsafe to do so - while operating a vehicle, crossing streets, or during any activity or in an environment where your full attention to your surroundings is required. It's dangerous to drive while wearing headphones, and in many places, illegal because it decreases your chances of hearing life-saving sounds outside of your vehicle, such as another car's horn and emergency vehicle sirens. If you find headphones uncomfortable, or if you’re sick of always having to untangle their wires, you might want to take a cue from Rich Lee, a body-enhancement enthusiast who recently implanted a small magnet headphone directly into his ear.
Rich lost most of the vision in his right eye overnight a few years back, and doctors told him his other one might go any day, and when it does it will be very rapid. If biking was covered by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) [see below], all motorcycle riders would have to wear ear plugs by law.
And the worst bit is, hearing damage is cumulative, it builds over time getting worse and worse.
Ever wonder why the bowl full of orange earplugs at £1 a pair in your local dealer is nearly always empty?
Comment on this article:Found an error, noticed an omission, think any other change should be made orjust want to leave feedback? The BBC and Royal Veterinary College recently undertook a study of the modern house cat as part of the three-part documentary Cat Watch 2014, which aired in the UK this week.
Cats’ eyes are designed to allow them to detect movement, not detail – so they see the world in more muted colours than we do. Cats beat humans for night vision, however: their large eyes allow them to see much better than us when light is low. Cats’ large ears are like rotating radar dishes, picking up sound waves from all directions. They’re particularly good at hearing high-frequency noises made by small prey like mice and bats.
Not only do cats have an extremely sensitive nose, they also have another scent organ concealed above the roof of their mouth. This secret “nose” is why cats sometimes appear to “sneer”, or curl back their top lip while wrinkling their nose – in fact, they’re busy detecting odours in the air they breathe in through their open mouth. The BBC’s undercover kitty trackers captured fierce battles between feline housemates for key territory – their owners’ bed, for instance, or the stairs.
Yet the study also found that cats had developed a range of coping strategies to save the fur from flying, including time-sharing favourite spots or even finding a friendly neighbour’s house to sleep in. There isn’t a cat owner alive who hasn’t found themself the subject of their kitty’s plaintive meows. Among cats, there are a hundred other silent signals they can use to get the message across. Through centuries of experience, however, house cats have learned that humans aren’t always looking out for the signs – or simply don’t recognize them when they see them.

The domestic cat shares an ancestor – and in evolutionary terms, a relatively recent one – with all the biggest cats alive today. Even if your well-fed house cat shows little desire to seek out prey, don’t let it fool you into thinking she’s lost her wild instincts. Wamiz is a new site for pets and their owners, featuring news, tips, videos and everything you need to keep you informed and your animal happy! Our N-Tunea„? On-Ear headphones deliver your music, movies and games with unmatched clarity and depth, hand-tuned with the precision designed to blow you away. After placing headphones in your ears, gradually turn up the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level.
He was recently featured on Humanity+, a technology and science-focused magazine, for a unique type of implant. He plans to use his implanted headphone to practice echolocation, by hooking it up to an ultrasonic rangefinder so that hums can be heard when objects get closer or further away. He plans to use his implanted headphone to practice echolocation, by hooking it upA to an ultrasonic rangefinder so that hums can be heard when objects get closer or further away.
Ranging from complex plastic or silicone moulded versions to ones that are actually designed to fit YOUR ears. But while it’s easy enough to admire a kitty’s fluffy belly or delicate pounce, there are all sorts of incredible things they get up to that are easier to miss.
Researchers used infrared trackers and cameras attached to collars to gain an exceptional insight into the secret life of cats. Inside, their inner ear can detect sounds across 11 octaves, a full two octaves more than humans can access and a wider range than many other sharp-eared mammals, including dogs. It’s called the Jacobson’s Organ and cats share it with several other mammals, as well as snakes and lizards. It allows them to analyse smells in more detail, especially the pheromones contained in other cats’ urine.
Often fights happened when the owners were asleep, which meant they weren’t aware of their pets’ squabbles.
It’s the cat equivalent of a “Hey, you!” to let us know they’re hungry, distressed or simply bored.
Youngsters naturally learn body language as they grow older, which is why a kitten will mew at another cat for attention but an adult cat usually won’t. So, like the lions, leopards and tigers he’s related to, your pet kitty is genetically programmed to hunt, to ensure he gets the high-protein, meat-heavy diet he needs. N-Tunea„?a€™s slick on-ear design and colourful range sets your look, your attitude, your music. It would eliminate the need to make clicking noises with your mouth or using some other manual noisemaker, and it easier for a blind man to navigate his way around.
It would eliminate the need to makeA clicking noises with your mouth or using some other manual noisemaker, and it easier for a blind man to navigate his way around. Speed has a significant effect on sound levels and for each 12mph increase in speed, the intensity of the sound is doubled.
I choose to use disposable ear plugs because they are easy and cheap, and you don't have to worry about losing them.
Nor can they focus close up, which is where their whiskers come in handy for detecting nearby objects by touch. The audio quality is nowhere near as good as what you get from regular earbuds or headphones, but his system does have a series of advantages.

According to the report, at 60mph, a rider is experiencing the same level of noise as a circular saw operator, the only difference being that the circular saw jockey would have to wear, by law, ear defenders. Not just traffic and engine noise but the rush of wind and the high pitch wail as it passes through tiny gaps in your visor or vents. Youa€™ve never heard it this gooda€”your sound perfected for you by the experts at MonsterA®.
He can listen to music anytime and anywhere he wants, and since the implant is invisible to the naked eye, he can do some pretty creative things with it. Ultrasonic rangefinders, thermometers, and even geiger counters for radiation are just some of the tools he plans to experiment with. So the best theing to do is experiment with several different brands to establish which are most comfortable. However, the advantages of Custom Ear protection are excellent hearing protection, long term comfort and proven fit.
For example, he plans to hook it up to a directional microphone so he can hear what people around him are saying, and he argues it could come in-handy at a poker table or with pre-screen business clients. The disadvantages include the possibility of loss or breakage leaving you with no protection, cost, and having to go through having them made. You are basically going to have to give them a week or so just to get used to wearing them. If you ride for any length of time without ear protection you will suffer irreversible hearing damage.
Whether high quality disposable ear plugs or custom-made and fitted ear plugs, consistently wearing a high quality ear plug every time you ride will ensure you won't have to go through life constantly asking people to repeat themselves, or wondering if that ringing in your ears will ever go away. Ear plugs are inserted by rolling the plug between two fingers to squash the foam into a thin tube, inserting up to the "bud", then holding until the foam has fully expanded. A properly sized and inserted plug will be comfortable for a full day of riding and almost completely eliminate the "jet engine" wind roar while at the same time allowing you to hear important things like horns, close traffic and people talking. As the plug expands in the ear after insertion you will hear the background noise suddenly disappear.
Clap your hands, if you can hear anything other than a dull, muffled clap your earplugs are either improperly inserted, incorrectly sized, or need to be replaced.
Many riders wash plugs and re-use them, I've always found it easier to buy in bulk and use a new pair every week, if not less. An earplug that is too big will be very uncomfortable and the protection will be handicapped because the foam has not had the room to expand and conform into the ear canal.
A plug that is too small will be comfortable but may be loose in the ear and again the protection will be reduced. The mazimum protection you can expect to get has ratings of NRR 33 dB and SNR 34 dB, but you'll be looking at a large plug which may not fit smaller ears..
You can also buy cylindrical plugs, similar to those used by people living with snorers, people who shoot, and general use like using powertools. The low cost of bulk buying from dealers or even better, places like M & P, ensures you will always have a clean, fresh pair with no excuse to not wear them. Oh, and don't be tempted to stuff one you dropped into the gutter into your ear, for obvious reasons.

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