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Really interesting collections, those kinds of 70’s are truly priceless to view along, nowadays many modified versions of Southpole Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans are come from these retro versions of outfits, I think these versions are highly influenced in today’s movie style, it’s quite clear these types of fashions roll backs to the store again, and people will wear them quite delight. Great article… I seriously enjoyed the whole concept and the write-up… I would love to read such more articles. Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members.
The absurd death of Marvin Gaye, at the hands of his father, a day shy of his 45th birthday, always saddens me in early April. Here are twenty-one songs, all linked here, some multiple times, and with different spellings, more or less in preference order, though I’m sure I left off something obvious. The Big Chill gave I Heard It Through the Grapevine some good coverage, it was those G-D raisins that killed the song.

65 year-old actress Susan Sarandon nearly exposed herself when her clothing dropped off her shoulder.
The nice folks at The Logo Company have come up with which colors are best for different bands and artists. Analytics company KISSMetrics recently created a very cool infographic on the science of how colors affect purchasing decisions. Mais oui, c’est bel et bien DEBBIE HARRY, leadeuse et magnifique chanteuse de BLONDIE, qui fit un peu de mannequinat pour livres de poche aux gouts douteux au debut de sa carriere… Faut-il y voir un symbole, quand on connait la bizarre relation qui la lia au DANGER pendant des annees ? Who can hear it now without seeing dancing stop-motion raisins dancing to the song…Arrgh, it’s happening now, get out of my head you damn shriveled-up prunes!
If you want to see what they looked like in her prime, watch Atlantic City with Burt Reynolds.

According to a recent article by Leo Widrich at Buffer the color of a bands logo could affect its ticket and album sales. Although it’s interesting to see that some bands flip the idea of color psychology on its head.
For example a grunge band like Nirvana using yellow, a color usually intended to denote optimism or Pink Floyd’s purple lettering, a color seen as calming, feminine and more often used on anti-aging products.

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