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Our In-Ear White Noise Generators, Sleep-Eze and Snoremasker Pro, offer the ultimate defense against loud snoring. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. If you have never used Snap-Tips, we highly recommend that you first purchase an assortment pack with all three sizes so that you can determine which works best for you and your application.In general, choose vented tips when you do want to be able to hear sounds around you, as when you are using a device to mask tinnitus.

With all devices that amplify sound, you must choose the solid Snap-Tips or you will get feedback. If you have average to large canals, choose the 9 mm thickness, and if you have average to small canals, choose the 3 mm thickness.If your device does not currently use Snap-Tips, you will need an adapter or you may need to have your device modified to accept Snap-Tips. For small ear canals, we recommend the 3 mm thickness tips which will fit comfortably into the smallest canals.

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