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Painfully over-sensitive hearing (hyperacusis) These conditions can be either temporary or permanent. You know that jolt of adrenaline you feel when you are surprised by a loud unexpected noise?
Tinnitus is the perception of annoying sounds in the ears even if there are no external sounds present.
Tinnitus is not actually a disease but it is a condition where the patient is bothered by various sounds such as ringing, buzzing, humming, etc. Loud noises – those that come from heavy industrial equipment, chainsaws, or firearms – can be extremely damaging to the fragile structures of our ears.
This condition is not caused by certain illnesses; instead, it is due to abnormal bone growth.

Thus, hypertension, which comes about during stressful times, for instance, is also considered one of the major causes of tinnitus. Several hours of stay inside a disco or standing in front of the speakers in a rock concert could be extremely harmful to the structures inside your ears. This problem, incidentally, is considered hereditary as a pattern of occurrences has been observed in families. When there is a heavy accumulation of earwax, it becomes much more difficult to remove, and certain hearing problems arise.
Maybe you even ended up drinking more than you intended to, because it was too noisy to converse.

Exposure to loud noises for short periods may not be harmful but prolonged exposure to loud noises can certainly cause irreparable damage to the ear cells.
A major cause is damage in the inner ears – it may be damage to the small bones, to tissues, or to cells in that region. Some other causes that are expected to pave the way for tinnitus include other ear problems, injuries that affect the auditory nerves, chronic health conditions, and conditions that affect the hearing center in your brain.

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