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One of the biggest breakout acts of 2014 is treating fans to a new music video for their song "White Noise" via NYLON Magazine and it looks like PVRIS is channeling the supernatural for their visual.
Here is something different to using reverse-biased transistors base-emitter junctions as white noise generators.
Note that this is actually a pink noise generator, but that the Z3 circuit is what's filtering the white noise down to pink. The White Noise are ready to launch an audio assault onto the scene with their brand of kinetic, heavy-hitting tunes, packing a high dose of punk aesthetic. The White Noise is Shawn Walker (Vocals), David Southern (Guitar, Vocals), Josh Strock (Guitar), Bailey Crego (Bass), Tommy West (Drums). Go Back in Time using our Photos archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past. Go Back in Time using our News archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past. The band mixes an edgy sound and powerful vocals from lead singer Lyndsey Gunnulfsen to create and awesome listening experience.

The famous white noise that was featured in "Poltergeist" is being revisited for the "White Noise" music video in prime fashion. White noise is actually the kind that we’re normally hearing is not white, and it’s kind of tricky circuit-wise to make what I call flat noise. Meanwhile Alex Babinski and Brian McDonald take on roles that resembles the characters Specks and Tucker from the horror film, "Insidious." The video is all in all pretty spooky but plenty awesome. The solar system has flat noise, it has plus 3db noise, we call it, that’s what you know as white noise. But soon he finds himself in the middle of an entirely new mystery.The problem is, "White Noise" doesn't make a lot of sense. It’s actually +3db in term of energy per octave and then we have -3db, which sounds like a bassy white noise. 2mF would mean 2 millifarads, which is equal to 2000uF and is a very big (and somewhat expensive) capacitor for an application such is this.

And the Emitter should be zero (isn't it connected to V-?), the Base should be 7V higher.
The 11V number you show means the emitter-base junction is NOT broken-down, as it needs to be (in this circuit). But he fails to generate any suspense, falling back on Wes Craven-style, standard-issue jump-shocks, in which every time you see an empty spot in the frame, you can be sure a ghost is going to jump out. It’s also the best one to filter because you get equal bass and treble and the noise that we’re used to as white noise is very orientated towards the treble.
He also wraps the entire package in a kind of inhuman video twitch, perfected by David Fincher in "Seven" and most recently adapted in Gore Verbinski's remake of The Ring."Michael Keaton once proved himself a wonderfully versatile actor, capable of comedy ("Beetlejuice"), dark drama ("Batman," "Clean and Sober"), and even Shakespeare ("Much Ado About Nothing").

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