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This question was addressed by Cornelia van Jaarsveld and colleagues from University College London, UK, in a paper just published in OBESITY. Prospective associations between perceived stress and changes in waist circumference and BMI were examined in data from the Health and Behaviour in Teenagers Study (HABITS), in which height, weight, and waist circumference were measured annually in 4,065 adolescents aged from 11 to 16.
In contrast to their expectations, the researchers found that perceived stress in any year was not related prospectively to increases in waist or BMI 1-4 years later, nor was there any evidence that higher stress over the whole period was associated with greater gains in waist or BMI.
However, waist and BMI were significantly higher in the moderate- and higher-stress groups than the lower-stress group across the whole 5-year period.
This study clearly suggests that the relationship between stress and obesity is more complicated than generally assumed – clearly increased perceived stress does not translate directly into greater weight gain. 2) Increased weight may result in compensatory behaviours, so that although stress is causing some people to eat more, these people are also more likely to engage in dieting or exercise to manage their weight.
Thus, in summary, although the study shows that adolescents with higher perceived stress levels tend to be heavier, their current stress levels did not affect their rate of weight gain during the observation period. Would love to know what you think of the website and please spread the word of the website! DonationIf you have benefitted from the information on this site, please take a minute to donate to its maintenance.
According to Gallup, Americans now identify “government” as the most important problem facing the United States.That doesn’t surprise. Also, persistent stress was associated with higher waist circumference and BMI in adolescence, but did not lead to differential changes over 5 years. The authors (and so do I) tend to favor explanation 3 for their findings – this would mean that high stress levels in younger children may translate into greater teenage (and adult?) obesity.

It deals with a forest fire in California and subsequent efforts for federal and state bureaucracies to blame a private company and extort some of the firm’s cash and land.The story began in 2007 with the Moonlight Fire in California that burned some 65,000 acres, about two-thirds on federal land. Within 48 hours and while the flames were still burning, the state’s department of forestry and fire protection, known as Cal Fire, and the U.S. Forest Service blamed the disaster on Sierra Pacific, a Redding-based company that owns some 1.2 million acres of timberland. In 2009 a federal-state task force brought official complaints against the company and nearby landowners. California officials filed an action in state court while prosecutors sued for $1 billion in federal court. Sierra Pacific has insisted it didn’t start the fire but, faced with an open-ended legal fight, the company in 2012 settled the federal case for $55 million and a deed of some 22,500 acres to the U.S.
Government investigators pinpointed a location and claimed they had confirmation from a bulldozer driver. Problem was, both the fire’s alleged point of origin and the scenario to buttress it were fraudulent. When the company questioned the bulldozer driver, he denied having made the statement and admitted he couldn’t have confirmed the statement prosecutors had him sign because he didn’t know how to read.
Overhead videos have shown that the point of origin marked by the government was well outside the visual boundaries of the burning forest nearly an hour after the fire started.I’m tempted at this point to make some snarky joke, but this issue is far too serious. Needless to say, one hopes the company will win.But there’s something else that needs to happen. The corrupt government officials need to be penalized, ideally with criminal sanctions including jail time.

I noted at the end of last year that President Hollande in France has decided to get rid of his class-warfare 75 percent top tax rate.That’s a sign of progress, to be sure, but I wasn’t nearly as eloquent on the issue as Dan Hannan. The British MEP has some very wise words in today’s Washington Examiner.I was living in Brussels when Francois Hollande, the President of France, introduced his 75 percent top rate tax in 2012. Immediately, my quartier began to fill with French exiles, who could commute to Paris in just over an hour.
Thousands of well-off Frenchmen made the easy journey north, including the country’s richest man, Bernard Arnault.
Over its lifespan, it raised around $500 million, a tiny fraction of the original projections. Well, the Paris bureaucrats who made those projections overlooked something rather important. They have all sorts of ways of beating the system… A lot of politicians don’t want to hear this. My favorite item from Hannan, though, is his column about the socialist part of Germany’s National Socialists.

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