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Similar to sunglass lenses, some tinting film contain metallic elements that help in reflecting incoming light and reducing the glare and heat generated by visible light. The sticker to identify legal tinting is required between the film & glass on the driver's side window. FREE Price QuoteAnswer a quick survey that matches your needs with a price quote from a window film dealer. Window tinting is always in trend among young drivers, but can reduce visibility and ultimately increase the likelihood of an accident. Window tinting laws vary by state, however all states have some law about the visibility requirement in the vehicle. Drivers should remember that in addition to state tinting laws, there are also federal laws that limit the ability to tint windows. National safety tips promoted by the federal government say tint must allow 70% percent of visible light into the interior. Window tinting could be considered comparable to many distractions on the road, including loud music, pets, eating, using a cell phone, or other in-vehicle interruptions that prevent drivers from focusing on the road.
Florida is a beautiful place to live unless you are getting ticketed for disobeying the law. Some southern states law requires that each vehicle that is tinted has a sticker on the driver's side.
To avoid the complications of getting a fine you need to test the car windows with tint meter. But before you come in, take the time to review Maryland’s laws when it comes to window tinting. In addition to the above laws, no tinted windows may have a “mirrored,” “reflective,” or “one-way” effect.
Each Trick Trucks location in Maryland offers window tinting services for both cars and trucks.
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In Louisiana, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. Car owners, including parents, should be aware of the dangers of window tinting and drivers should remember that others on the road may not have full visibility.
Window tinting has been known to cause accidents and to conceal criminals when committing crimes. In addition to preventing accidents, states see window tint as a threat to police officers who cannot see inside when they approach a window. When behind the wheel in a tinted car, drivers may not be able to see what is going on with full periphery vision.
It is written in the Florida Statues that if any person is found with illegal tint as they drive their car it is punishable.
The driver usually does not use these as much as the windshield so this is acceptable with 28% of the light coming through.
This certifies that the product that was installed and is within the statuary limits required by the state. And any violations to these laws could result in a $50.00 Traffic Citation and a Safety Equipment Repair Order. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. For most vehicles, window tinting that registers 35% on a tint meter is acceptable under Massachusetts law.
Our Boston car accident attorneys are experienced with representing the rights of our clients who have been injured or involved in an accident. Despite even the toughest window tinting laws, many states have found it hard to completely enforce the requirements and keep drivers with illegal tint off the street. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also has window tinting rules which is followed by auto manufacturers. Remember that all vehicles must also be inspected and your car, van, or truck could be rejected if it violates Massachusetts tinting standards.

We are dedicated to uncovering the cause of accidents, including negligence, defects, and other dangerous driver behavior. There are two types of window tints: one reflects light so that those on the outside cannot look in, and the other absorbs light so that less light enters the vehicle. According to some critics of these safety standards, front, rear, and side windows should all have the same tinting standards. If a car has legally installed tinting and it is being repaired it is not guilty of any wrong doing.
It is just not for decorating and can even be used as a security measure when people are trying to look for valuables in a car. In addition to promoting police safety, having full peripheral vision can prevent accidents.
It is possible to have a non-reflective tint strip on the top of the windshield as long as there is no obstruction of view for the driver. Due to the inconsistency in the laws, many car manufacturers let only 20% of the light in for the rear and back windows.
Just check with the professionals [Daytona Auto Tint] and make sure your care is up to standard. Some information provided in this page is found on The Black Box Tint, 3M, Solargard, and Llumar website and is believed to be reliable; however, due to the wide variety of intervening factors, Filmvantage does not warranty that the results will necessarily be obtained.
Filmvantage is not responsible for automotive window film installation compliance with the laws of your state or country or the laws of any other state or country where the vehicle may be utilized.

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