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Automotive window films are engineered to enhance your vehicle’s appearance, provide the performance you demand, and protect your investment. Tint laws may possibly even be enforced differently by each regional Police Department in the same state. July 2, 1855: The Kansas territorial legislature convened in Pawnee and began enacting proslavery laws. Computer precision cutting of the film with vehicle template software, for a perfect fit on the windows of your vehicle, with micro-edging available upon request.
Professional installation by Formula One Certified installers, with quality workmanship guarantee.
A limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, crazing, demetalizing or delaminating, that is backed by any Formula One Dealer nationwide. This series is the popular choice among drivers who want the classic look, but who also want a major step up in performance characteristics that go beyond just color. Since its introduction in 2006, the unique technology utilized to produce the Pinnacle series of films makes it the most state-of-the-art automotive film today. The film that is virtually invisible, for the driver who wants ultraviolet protection without the tinted appearance. Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
Similar to sun-glass lenses, some tinting film contain metallic elements that help in reflecting incoming light and reducing the glare and heat generated by visible light.

Lifetime WarrantyOur window tinting is backed by a lifetime warranty on the installation & film from all bubbling, peeling or fading. Join for CouponsYou can sign up for our mailing list and we will occasionally send you updates on deals about our professional window tinting services. Special dye formulations give you a soft charcoal look in a variety of light transmissions (light, medium and dark shades).
With a unique metal alloy bonded to a special dyed layer, the Comfort Series gives you higher heat rejection and additional color options.
With the advanced electronic systems in today’s vehicles, it is imperative that a window film allow optimum performance at all frequencies.
In Delaware, this film will pass inspection on the front doors and the front windshield of your vehicle in the 85% shade, so you can still have the benefits of UV and heat protection, and be within the requirements of Delaware State Laws.
In Kentucky, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the film only.
Unlike many other dyed films, Classic’s special coloration allows you to accent the look of your vehicle, not change it. The advanced technology utilized in manufacturing Pinnacle film provides a proprietary non-metallized, non-conductive ceramic technology film with maximum heat rejection, maximum ultraviolet rejection, excellent optical clarity and blockage of infrared rays.
Typical auto glass transmits most UVA radiation, believed to be responsible for deadly forms of skin cancer. Like all the FormulaOne product series, Classic is simply at the head of its class, affording you the best protection achievable in a non-metal film.

Keep in mind however, metal films might interfere with electronics in your vehicle, including, but not limited to: cellphones, satellite radios, remote starters.
Pinnacle film carries a lifetime no-color-change warranty and is considered scratch-resistant, unlike any other film. Offering the highest level of protection from ultraviolet A and B rays at 99.9%, UVShield is highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. With it’s 99% UV Protection, the Formula One Classic Series is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. With it’s 99% UV Protection, the Formula One Comfort Series is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
UVShield is effective on clear or factory tinted glass to improve occupant and interior protection from ultraviolet rays.
FL law allows 28% on the front 2 doors, however 30% is the closet film manufactures make to 28%.

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