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Marbled gold and blue enamel stone, twist and screw-detailed sides, internal designer stamp. The stone is supported underneath with ornate handmade gold curls and sits in a twisted gold bezel. Each of the pigeons nails has been given a manicure adding accentuating the claw design and complimenting the soft yellow tones of the large citrine that they hold. As an added touch of fantasy the bird wears a single twisted gold ring on one of her painted claws.
The stone is supported underneath with ornate handmade gold curls which can be seen through the huge stone. Finished with the birds very own gold manicure and miniature twisted ring of her own, this piece is not for the faint hearted, its a real shop stopper.
Bands of smooth, slender goldtone brass are stacked as a ring, securing with layers of sinuous, twisting wire that cages the design at every turn. A special edition from the Christmas capsule, this long ring is brilliantly designed with the illusion of a single half round band that twirls asymmetrically around the finger, spanning two segments and hinged at the centre for ease of movement. The Stone is supported underneath with ornate handmade gold curls and sits in a twisted gold bezel.

The playful twist on this claw ring is the gold rings that adorn the bird adding the element of fantasy to the piece giving the bird a human like lust for the finer things. Exuding the Parisian label's charming aura, it showcases a crystal-studded 'LOVE' embellishment set on a comfortable thin band. The deep stone adds an elegant attitude to the pigeons character and also compliments the gold and the silver tones in the piece. Finished with TM's trademark, hand-applied gold plated nails accentuating the claw design and braking that age old taboo of wearing gold and silver together.
Using the Ringly app, tech-savvy style setters can connect their smartphone to the ring and customize alerts for texts, calls, reminders and more. With four vibration patterns and a light-up indicator on the side (with five colors options), you won't miss a thing. Each bar is punctuated with playful glass charms set with crystals as well as the label's iconic 'YSL' logo.
The large marquise cut moonstone sits snug inside a gold twisted bezel that frames and protects the two points of the stone. Cast in solid silver the piece features TM's trademark hand-painted gold plated nails adding that touch of fantasy.

In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was used as an amulet to guarantee passage into the afterlife, concealing the sins of the heart. This design is inspired by this symbolism and places the scarab holding the Sun within the symbol of Fire.
Handcrafted from gold-plated brass, it's geometrically paneled with enamel and centered with glistening emerald. 120 Black diamonds (1,18 ct) encrust 10 sculls, while 20 yellow diamonds (0,58 ct) make their eyes shine with an ethereal brilliance.
Cast from polished gold-plated silver, this design is carved to spell out the word 'Love.' Stack yours with a simple band. Crafted from polished silver-plated brass, this hand-finished set can be worn stacked together or spread across four fingers.
It has been expertly crafted in Italy from burnished gold-tone brass and has a textured finish.

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