How does smoking marijuana affect driving?

During police checks, law enforcement officers more and more often pay attention not only to whether the detained person is under the influence of alcohol, but also whether he or she has not taken drugs. Canadian scientists conducted research to determine how marijuana driving affects safety.
While alcohol affects everyone in a very similar way, smoking marijuana can affect individuals differently depending on a multitude of factors. In Canada, a study was carried out in which 49,111 seriously injured people, including fatalities, were examined

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It turned out that drivers who smoked marijuana up to 3 hours before driving a vehicle must take into account a 50% increased probability of being involved in a road incident. The research also clearly showed that driving under the influence of marijuana is much safer than driving on a double throttle.
Interestingly, however, so far the results of research have also been published, according to which driving under the influence of specific doses of THC in some cases can positively affect the degree of concentration and make the driver drive slower and more deliberately.

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