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Krause Acoustics is a consulting practice providing expert advice on noise control and other sound-related issues for clients in the Bay Area.  Formerly known as Krause Engineering Services, this firm has contributed to a variety of projects in the San Francisco and California central coast regions for more than twenty years.

The founder of the firm is Nick Krause, a Professional Engineer with four decades of experience as a sound and vibration specialist.  His career started in the research, development and quality assurance divisions of the Bechtel Group, a very large global construction company; more recently he has worked as the sole proprietor of a very small local consulting firm.

The core business of Krause Acoustics is providing noise insulation studies for developers, architects, realtors, builders, owners and residents of apartments and mixed-use properties.  This includes design and engineering of noise features during project planning and construction phases, along with field testing of completed work to certify building code compliance.

A related field is exterior noise insulation design for residential projects near airports, railroads, highways, or other community noise sources.  Critical building envelope details such as doors and windows are specified to meet allowable indoor noise limits, based on a noise survey to determine actual exterior noise exposure at the proposed building site.

Sound level surveys are also used to assess environmental noise sources such as commercial facilities and construction sites or preschool and day care playgrounds for compliance with allowable limits of local ordinances.

Noise surveys inform treatment studies for mechanical equipment sources such as production equipment used in manufacturing facilities, to prevent worker hearing damage.  In some cases, a significant reduction in noise can be achieved with simple and inexpensive treatments such as noise enclosures for air compressors or silencers for fans and blowers.

When surface absorption treatments are used to reduce interior noise levels or control room ambience, a room treatment study is used to prescribe appropriate amounts and types of treatment needed to achieve a certain effect.  The sound absorbers can be selected from a variety of materials and installations depending on the desired appearance.

The mission of Krause Acoustics is to inform clients regarding sound control issues, find practical solutions to their problems, and present study results in a concise report format.

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