This is Nick Krause, P.E.

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1967 - 1972

University of California, Berkeley - Physics and Engineering Major
Bachelor of Science Degree - Mechanical Engineering

1974 - 1975

University of California, Berkeley - Graduate Research Assistant
Masters Study - Impact and Wave Propagation in Fluid-Filled Tubes

Work Experience

1976 - 1977

FMC Associates, San Francisco CA - Mechanical Engineer
Central power plants and distribution systems for government facilities

1978 - 1993

Bechtel Group, San Francisco CA - Sound and Vibration Engineer

In-house noise consultant for large scale industrial construction projects

Vibration quality control troubleshooter for industrial facility startups

1994 - 2000

Krause Engineering Services, San Luis Obispo CA - Noise Consultant
Acoustics expert adviser for new construction and renovation projects

2001 - Present

Krause Acoustics, El Cerrito CA - Senior Consultant
Consulting practice relocated to San Francisco Bay Area


1976 - 2021

Professional Engineer, California - Mechanical # 17831

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