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Lotus flower tattoos are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a phenomenal design that is both meaningful and symbolic.
Beautiful and fascinating art in any form is interesting and it is even more appealing when it is done on the body. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Rip Tattoos, Joker Tattoos, Turtle Tattoos and Fish Tattoos. Add a touch of elegance to your femininity with this attractive musical note and daisy tattoo. Elaborately done with beautiful black shading, this massive flower symbolizes the power of sun. Make your days as vibrant as this beautiful floral pattern that is surrounded by stars in bold red and black. Bring color to your life with these lovely violet flower tattoos that are done exquisitely on the side of the abdomen. Stylish and trendy flower tattoo with bright and vibrant details will make you stand out from the rest. Add a significant meaning to the attractive lotus tattoo with an Om symbol carved at the center of the flower. Pretty pink flower with lovely purple shading looks attractive embedded in a swirl of twisted vines.
Beautiful flower in bright colors looks stunning with attractive butterfly hovering around it. Make your life special and unique with this symbol of beauty and femininity carved on your body.

Delicately done flower tattoo with lovely shading will make you more appealing and attractive. Make your shoulders attractive and appealing with this beautiful bunch of colorful flowers tattoo. Inked in bright colors with lovely shading, this cute flower tattoo is as delicate and beautiful as you are. Beautifully done in attractive bright colors, this flower tattoo design is special and unique. Make a permanent change to your personality with this elegant and attractive flower tattoo.
Bright red flowers and blue butterflies look realistic with intricate details and exquisite shading.
Pretty little flowers lined up attractively on the foot will make your days as bright and colorful as they are. Accentuate your personality with this bouquet of beautiful blue flowers tattoo on the shoulder. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic. These undeniably stunning flowers start along the bottom of a pond where they are stuck in mud. Tattoos are one such beautiful form of art that makes a permanent change to one’s personality.

As time goes on, they proceed to rise gracefully to the surface, continuously moving towards the light. Intricately designed and elaborately done tattoos are very popular and they never fail to make heads turn in fascination. Floral designs can be made as big as possible to cover the entire back or as small and intricate as possible to fit on the wrist or ankle.
Once the lotus flower is exposed to the light, it begins to blossom into a truly picturesque aspect of nature.
There are many types of tattoos and each one carries a different and unique meaning depending upon the design and placement of the tattoo on the body. Due to the journey that they go through before blooming completely, lotus flower have strong symbolic ties to many different cultures around the world.
The vibrant and rich color combinations make flower tattoos very appealing and fascinating. When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style. Continue reading to discover the meaning behind these flowers according to several different cultures and religions.
They can be easily combined with other tattoo designs like fishes, turtles, birds and symbols to make a unique and meaningful tattoo.

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