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There Most Definitely Can Be a Mind Blowing Profit Potential in Airbrushing Tattoos, But Only if You Really Know What You Are Doing.
Tribal Ink Airbrush offers a Very Low Cost Business Start Up: Tribal Ink Airbrush Business Systems and provide you with a business opportunity start-up at a fraction of the cost of most franchises.
Our mission:at Tribal Ink is to provide the most cost effective Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Business Systems, Airbrush Body Art Products, and business solutions in the industry.
Growth Opportunity: As the Tattoo trend persists opportunities for growth in the niche market of Temporary Tattoos and Body Art continue to expand throughout the United States and all over the world. Quick Learning Curve: No artistic talent is required to become an Airbrush Tattoo Artist as all Tribal Ink Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Designs are based upon Mylar Tattoo Stencils or Templates which make it easy to master really great looking airbrush tattoos in no time. Product Safety: Tribal Ink Brand Temporary Tattoo Body Art Paints are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade using only ingredients that are FDA approved for use on skin. Individualized Coaching and Certification: One on one training for airbrush tattoos will soon be available from Tribal Ink via Skype video. Top Position in the Marketplace: We even provide you the ability to advertise your Airbrush Tattoo Business with our top ranked professional web presence on Google to let everyone in your area know you are ready to do business. Support: Let our friendly professional Tribal Ink staff help walk you through which Airbrush Tattoo Business System will best meet your needs. Whether you are serious business entrepreneur, or just looking for a secondary part time income as an Airbrush Tattoo Artist, Tribal Ink has everything you need to succeed! While airbrushing in today's culture means hot graphics, body art and t-shirt designs, it had a very different beginning. Today, airbrush body paint is changing the way face painting, temporary body art and tattoos are applied and viewed. Body painting can trace its roots back to the 12th century when it was applied to religious practitioners in France and Germany. In addition to the speed and quality of the look achieved through airbrushing, the paint itself has a large draw. The ease of use, control and quick application make this art ideal for children's parties and face painting, as well as total body coverage. If you've just been sprayed and you want to keep your body paint looking great as long as possible, there are some things you can do to help maintain the color. Airbrush paint is available for sale at most temporary body art retailers, as well as at many art supply retailers.
Keeping up to date with current events and bringing customers themed airbrush stencils and designs can make a huge impact on any airbrush body art business in terms of marketing and increasing sales. With Mardi Gras right around the corner, NIX’s masks represent original artwork inspired by Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street events.
NIX’s Mardi Gras and Football Stencils will be shown for the first time by EBA at the Halloween and Party Expo in Houston, TX.
EBA offers world's largest collection of body art and airbrush body painting stencils helping artist to supersede always increasing challenges and expectations in the body painting industry. EBA body painting stencils come in different styles and themes to fit your projects and needs. EBA background and scale professional body paint stencils assist artists to create realistic looking backgrounds.

EBA beauty, clothing and hair collection represents the newest addition to EBA's professional body paint stencils. EBA skin distortion airbrush body painting stencils will trick even the most enthusiastic fans in the haunted and special effects industry.
Designed for the contemporary artist, Nick Herrera's signature stencil collection (NIX), brings original artwork with an elegant style.
All International orders require BANK TRANSFERS and about 3-5 days to clear before shipping.
If price specials do not reflect at check out, it WILL BE applied to ORDER INVOICE before Credit Card is charged. Ideal for fundraising events, children's parties etc or adding to your entertainment business as a new avenue!
The hugely popular and ever growing industry of Tattoos and Body Art can provide a great opportunity to make money.
Business entrepreneurs can enjoy huge profit margins with Tribal Ink Airbrush Tattoo Business Systems at locations and events like Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Ports of call, Cruise Ships, Sporting Events, Fundraisers, Street Fairs, Corporate Promotions, Parties, Concerts, Salons, Modeling and Movie Sets. Airbrushing can apply simple or intricate designs in seconds, opening the door to new and innovative body art. Stencils and free hand designs combine to produce thousands of images that can be applied anywhere on the body in seconds. Originally confined to symbols and images on the chest, arms and back the practice eventually grew to include face painting and full body art.
Textile dyes, face makeup and henna have also been used over the years in various cultures to produce various types of temporary body art.
The speed with which the paint can be applied means an entire body can be covered in minutes. Airbrush paint for body and makeup use is available in a very wide range of colors, including fluorescents and metallics, allowing the user to achieve unique results not previously possible.
It can be quickly sprayed over a stencil, or applied in freehand designs and layers for a custom look. The powder will help absorb some of the oils in your skin which can break down the pigments in the paint. If you skin is free of oil before the paint is applied, it will have a better chance of sticking and lasting. Body paint artists are beginning to use this technique with more frequency, making it easier than ever to find an artist who can paint your skin with this dazzling method. European Body Art introduces the all new collection of Football and Mardi Gras airbrush stencils by NIX (Nick Herrera). With NIX’s Mardi Gras airbrush face stencils artists can create realistic looking masks bursting with unmatched detail and brilliant colors. We want to share our artistic ideas with you and we hope you'll join in on the conversation! You can download and obtain this astounding image that we served by click the download button below to get our good quality versions.
This includes backgrounds, scales, beauty, skin distortion, intimate, lingerie, clothing and other special effects stencils such as Nick Herrera's signature collection.

This fashion collection is suitable for artists in the beauty, entertainment and body painting industry delivering fun, beauty and style never captured before. Different discounts and specials cannot be combined and cannot be applied to custom design orders. Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider supplementing your financial income as an Airbrush Tattoo Artist with a Tribal Ink Airbrush Tattoo Business System. The ease and speed which the airbrush tool lends to the artist meant color could be applied in new ways, opening the field to new possibilities. The paint can be applied transparently or opaquely to lend a three-dimensional quality to the paint. The paint itself is waterproof, and if cared for properly, may even last up to a week before beginning to fade. A base coat of paint can be applied to a section of the wearer's body, with additional paint layered on top for a rich, multicolored effect. Dust your body art with powder at least once a day, more if you have oily skin to maintain the color.
Give airbrush paint a try the next time you want to transform your skin with color in a jiffy!
Right on time for the upcoming Super Bowl, these stencils include a lingerie football league and classic football uniform stencil collections. As with most of NIX’s artwork the Mardi Gras airbrush stencils come with EBA’s StencilFlex technology providing a perfect fit for any size face and clean artwork with no over spray.
It is not unusual to see body painting or special effects application during an event or photo shoot being limited to an absolute minimum, as it can add up to expensive working time and most importantly it can also cost customers. Unlike other computer generated stencils repeating the same design over and over, EBA's background stencils change pattern size based on the different proportions of the object being painted. Nick's body painting stencils deliver realistic appearance and high detailed artwork that is difficult to achieve with freehand applications. No orders will be accepted or fulfilled for NBCUniversal licensed products outside of The United States, including its territories, possessions, and military bases, and Canada. In the case of oily skin, washing with a gently soap and water will actually help to maintain the color longer.
With the increasing popularity of the lingerie football league, the Lingerie Football League Stencils will provide guests with a sexy look for any event whether it be a football party, an extraordinary night out or a Halloween get together.
EBA airbrush body painting stencils help artists to deliver professional artistry and fastest application time. Furthermore, with EBA's background airbrush body painting stencils there are no limitations.
Discounts and specials including garage sale items are available only while supplies last and are subject to change without notice. On the same note, NIX’s Football Uniform airbrush stencils allow artists to create customized football uniforms in a fraction of time.

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