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Here are instructions for royal icing floodwork as well as three lettering styles wide enough for this process. To kick off, we’re catching up on a few of last montha€™s late arrivals, starting with Kunihiko Okanoa€™s Quintet. Tomi Haaparanta and his Suomi Type Foundry managed to sneak out the tidy, two weight Tow just before the holidays.
Inspired by the clean geometry of Aldo Novaresea€™s Eurostile, Frio takes a more elliptical approach to the monoline sans. Berlina€™s BA?ro Dunst have expanded their impressive humanist grotesque family with the release of Novel Sans Condensed Pro.
Jeremy Dooleya€™s increasingly voluminous Aviano series of display faces surfaces once again. Matthew Cartera€™s dignified Postoni face has graced the headlines of The Washington Post since the late 1990s. Based in Copenhagen and Tokyo, the Kontrapunkt design agency often creates unique fonts specifically for visual identity and other client projects. Last of all, Alejandro Paul has finished putting a fresh coat of a€?Proa€? paint onto another five faces from the eponymous Charles Bluemlein Script Collection. Ben Proudfoot has created a touching short film about Aardvark Letterpress and McManus & Morgan Paper.
Jackson Cavanaugh discusses his creating Harriet with Jennifer Wehunt for Chicago magazine.

Head to the Hamilton to learn the basics of letterpress printing with wood type on January 17. Gail Anderson interviews Joe Newton, celebrates his work at Veer, and laments the company’s change in direction.
Jean FranA§ois Porchez wishes you a happy 2012 and shares a bit about the future for his Typofonderie. Hear Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin discuss Comicraft fonts, webfonts, and typefaces in web design. Too late for Christmas, but early for Valentine’s Day, there a couple neat items available at the Lost Type Co-Op Store. Or you can get ready for the day after my son’s birthday with some lurvely big letters. A cake inscription made with floodwork lettering looks elegant and more special than just being piped.
Photo-Letteringa€™s custom cut of Okanoa€™s calligraphic script features three variations of the a€?double-stroke in a single-strokea€? style, originally designed as part of his KABK Type]Media studies. Therea€™s a nice selection of ligatures, some tasteful fleurons, and a few quirky character traits (like the stub-nosed lowercase a and the lollipop-headed binocular g) which offer some interesting balance to the script-like italics. With a slight curvaceousness, the five weights and three widths of Kristians A icsa€™ design have thrown off much of the stiffness associated with other grid-based, linear typefaces.
This horizontally economical six weight addition fits in nicely amidst its award winning sans, serif, and surprisingly balanced monospaced brethren.

Expanded and finessed by Font Bureaua€™s Richard Lipton, Jill Pichotta, and Dyana Weissman ten years later, it is finally available in commercial form as the renamed Stilson. Her latest script packs a lot of liveliness into each curve and transition — from upswept hairline to voluptuous downstroke.
Wanting to share some of that typographic love, they have graciously posted two sets of namesake display faces based on that work. Included in this update are the sultry Dr Sugiyama, energetic Mr Dehaviland, forward thinking Mrs St-Delafieldh, Herr Von Muellera€™s staccato tone, and the pleasantly plump Mrs Sheppards. Three different flavours of the face can be layered and combined using Photo-Letteringa€™s letterer setterer in variety of ways, providing a fair amount of depth and contrast. As if there werena€™t enough choices throughout the Aviano clan as is, each weight in this new family includes a boggling twelve sets of stylistic alternates.
Rosarian features two weights of strong, modulated forms that can be set either as connected or unconnected text.
Apparently, wea€™ll just have to wait patiently for full OpenType version of Quintet Script to be released, along with the serif and italic styles.

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