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Source control is your backup of your code, as well as your change history to track changes. With the source control (we use TFS), we can share project code and cooperate with other team members. These are the best tools for a project manager to have successful projects and for the developers to have a focused and smooth software development process. During this session we will cover the lifecycle of creating work items and tracking of releases using Visual Studio Ultimate and Team Foundation Server. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team System is an integrated software development platform to build the mission-critical applications that businesses depend on. In this session Adam Cogan will provide information about what is new in SharePoint 2010 and his personal favorites.
Come see Adam Cogan explain what works well with SharePoint and Office for Mary and the other knowledge workers. This is a good chance for you to consider new ways of using Office in your company, along with pitfalls to avoid.
This Scrum Developer course is a unique and intensive five-day experience for software developers. Annotate is a lovely little iOS app from the house of Driftt that allows you to annotate any images, screenshots or photos. If you like reading Beautiful Pixels, you should Sign Up for our Membership.You get to support this site and also get access to exclusive perks and features.
Support UsYou can support Beautiful Pixels by becoming a member or even by shopping on Amazon. Ever try browsing the web and came across some content that you wanted to save for later reference?
Annotation tools allows you to discuss, exchange ideas or even brainstorm with your colleagues and peers efficiently in shortest time possible. A.nnotate is an annotation and collaboration tool that can be use for documents (PDF and Microsoft Office), web pages and images. With this tool you can highlight text on any web page and then get a short URL for your highlighted text, so that you can share it with others. Blerp is great for starting and participating in conversations right on top of any web page. Most people are familiar with Diigo and the Diigolet, which lets you highlight, comment and add sticky notes to any web page. The title of this tool says it all; Draw Here lets you draw on top of any web page while browsing via a bookmarklet. This simple Firefox Add-on is great for adding notes to any web page and customizing your note with background and text; notes can have a modern, glassy, classical or flat look to them.
With a name similar to Layerpad, Layers goes a step further by letting you add sticky notes, tweets, maps, videos and images on top of web pages.
An extension exclusively for Chrome, Note Anywhere lets you make notes anywhere on the web. With Reframe It you can comment (publicly or privately) on any web page via the sidebar and reply to others. Lastly we have ShiftSpace, an open source Firefox Add-on for group annotation and collaboration. Marginize – See what others are saying on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz about any web page. Stickis – Write sticky notes on any web page and see what others are saying about a site. Yawas – An annotation tool for Firefox and Chrome that lets you highlight text and store it in Google Bookmarks. For most people in university and college, the ability to annotate PDF files is one of the main reasons for buying an iPad. Rather than discussing one particular app in detail, this post presents the bigger picture by discussing three different user profiles whose needs are different with regards to PDF annotation and management. If you don’t deal with PDFs very often, there is no big reason to spend money on PDF apps. In general these apps come pretty close to the apps listed in the second category, so you might want to check out these free options before you are investing money on paid All-Around Reader apps. The serious reader uses the iPad frequently to annotate PDF files, and it might be even his or her main device for reading PDFs.
Another reason why you need an app for the All-Around Reader is that you want to or need to make annotations in a free-drawing mode.
If you are serious about annotating PDFs and need to sync your files with a PC, your best bet is All-Around annotation app or Papers from mekentosj. If, however, it is important for you to have your PDF not just lying around in folders but organized in a library, you probably will be more happy with an app targeted for the third user profile. This user profile is the best fit for you when you want to have a tightly integrated ecosystem that allows you to find, manage, read, annotate, and cite your PDFs in your academic workflow. Typically, you would also own the Mac (or Windows) companion app that serves as your main tool to curate your library, to insert in-text citations in your write-ups, and to create bibliographies at the end of your paper.
The biggest benefit of this tight integration is that you can view and edit your highlights and notes regardless of whether you are working with you iPad or with your Mac.
In my opinion, if you annotate PDF files as part of your research workflow (maybe you even have some annotation strategies), then PDF management apps are a very good investment for you. If you are dealing with a lot of PDFs (and chances are good you do if you are in academia), then you should consider to invest some time and money into a PDF Management System. Second, none of the apps that target this user profile allow you to annotate PDF files in a free-drawing mode. Right now, the only two apps that let you annotate PDF files are Papers ($15) and Sente ($20; iTunes links). The problem with handwritten notes is that they are neither searchable nor easily editable.
A stylus is useful for some applications on the iPad, but I don’t think that scribbling text into the margins of a PDF is one of them. Of course, if you are a fan of expressing your thoughts not in pure text but through sketching out diagrams and images, an application that allows you to add free drawings is your best bet. Once you have identified what kind of user profile matches most closely your own requirements, you can check out what app might be the best fit for you. This table gives you an overview over the features of the best annotation apps that you can find for the iPad.

I am a big fan of PDF management systems because of the ability to sync my entire library across different devices, the powerful organizing system (especially tags and smart folders), and the ability to handle in-text citations and bibliographies. Another benefit of having a dedicated ecosystem for your PDF workflow has to do with cloud space. Right now I would say that Papers and Sente (iTunes links) are the leading PDF management systems (see my comparison article here). The first one is PDFpen for iPad (iTunes link), which is a highly acclaimed newcomer to the field (it won the Macworld 2012 Best of Show Award and the Mac Observer Editors’ Choice 2012 Award).
PDFpen is the new kid in the gang of annotating apps on the iPad, but the developer Smile on my Mac has plenty of experience in PDF management and annotation on the Mac. I work for a company that develops a PDF app called Xodo and I have to say that your research and segmentation for the PDF users is simply perfect. The inability to add handwritten and textual notes as well as shapes has been one of the things preventing me from switching from GoodReader to Papers.
Visual Studio Ultimate is designed to help address many of these traditional problems faced by project managers. In this session you will see an overview of these tools and how they can improve your software development cycle. I’ve been using Skitch for iOS for the longest time, but after having played with Annotate, I can say I found it far more interesting and fun to use.
Yes, you can either pick any image from your Camera Roll or snap a fresh one using your camera. Yes you can easily bookmark a site, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you can select and save the specific text in the content that interests you? You can also copy the selected text to the clipboard, email it or share it on Twitter, Delicious, Facebook or WordPress.
Since there is no registering required to get started, virtually anyone can join the conversation. You can highlight, strikeout text, add comments and perform other types of revisions on PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, images and many more. If you choose to save your drawings, then other Draw Here users will be able to see them when visiting that page. There are four ways to capture a website for collaboration: a Firefox Add-on, uploading an image to the Notable site, typing in the URL on the Notable site or capturing the site on an iPhone or iPod Touch. What it does is synchronize your notes via those tools so that you can access them across various computers and mobile devices. There are hundreds of apps out there that let you annotate PDFs: how do you know which one is the best one for you? Once you know what type of user you are, you can check out the overview of 10 (plus 3) apps, my personal favorites, and some thoughts on using a stylus. In this case, you can either decide what requirement is more important for your individual workflow, or you can use two apps for different workflows and different tasks.
However, these free apps do not substitute full-blown PDF management system apps that are described in the third category.
If your PDF reading workflow has one of the two following requirements, your annotating needs are best served by apps for the all-around reader. For example, many of your PDFs could be just scanned-in images that don’t allow you to select lines of text as you would in a text-based PDF.
While the apps mentioned for the first and second user profile started out as apps to read and annotate PDF files, the apps in this category started out as reference management apps on the Mac and later added companion apps for the iPad that let you annotate PDF files.
While the iPad apps in this category also allow you to add and manage papers, they lack the powerful citation functions of their respective Mac versions.
This is a lesser concern for you, since you sit comfortably in your ecosystem, but it might be a hurdle when you are working with a co-author who does not use a PDF management system. This is not a big concern either, as I find that handwritten annotations are overrated anyways (see below, you are almost there).
The first two are simply viewers, but Mendely says that Mendely Pro (most likely with annotation support) is in the works. I therefore prefer nowadays to use sticky notes, and more advanced PDF management system apps such as Sente can display your notes in a separate space, which makes reviewing your papers really fast. The table below gives you a first overview (Note: the * indicates that I was able to personally try out the application), but you can also check the button of this page for links to more detailed reviews on the web.
While they both let you annotate PDF files, their individual offerings are actually quite different from each other, so check out the in-depth reviews on academiPad (links are at the end of this post).
What I particularly like is that PDFpen offers an ecosystem by having established Mac applications next to the iPad app, while at the same time it offers the flexibility to freely draw annotations. My first impression was very negative: the free app displays advertisements in its lower left corner, greeted me with bug warnings, and took a long time to load a PDF for the first time (it is much faster after that). Please let us know in the comment section, and if you like, maybe you can share some thoughts on what makes the app you are using a great app? Please join academiPad's RSS feed to get free updates with even more tips on research, teaching and learning!
The other thing being that I really appreciate Android OS and did not want to commit to an iOS only app.
You are at a page where you want to leave a comment or note but u can’t because the page does not provide a comment system, what do you do about it?
Our huge list of web annotation tools should be able to provide the solution that can be use to accomplish each of the tasks above and many more!
What it does is take a snapshot of your document, web page or image and then create a read-only copy. The notes that you add will be label with your name and you can even share your notes on Facebook and Twitter. All files are stored on Crocodoc’s secure servers and you can even password protect and encrypt them for added security. You can also choose to view notes from other users as well and add comments to their notes.
A small FloatNotes indicator lets you know how many notes are below or above the current view of the page. Sidewiki is available on the Google Toolbar for Firefox and IE, and as an extension in Chrome. As many of the tools mentioned will not work on special sites like Gmail, Internote is one that will work with Gmail. It’s also great for posting tweets longer than 140 characters, since there is no limit.

Notes get saved in real-time, so there is no need to worry if the page or browser is closed unexpectedly. QuickFox Note includes some great features like search, spell check, customization options (font size, background colors), note printing, sharing by email, archiving and much more. Comments can be shared across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, FriendFeed as well as via Email.
However, one can make out three different user profiles with roughly similar needs: the Penny Pincher, the All-Around Reader, and the PDF Management Master.
For example, I am currently using Sente to annotate journal articles and iAnnotate to annotate PDF files for committee work.
Luckily, Adobe Reader  and pdf-notes (iTunes links) are two free PDF annotation apps that are powerful enough to let you highlight PDFs and even add sticky notes.
Another reason might be that you want to make handwritten annotations in the margins of the PDF; however, I am not convinced that this is a good way to annotate PDFs (see below). However, they are great tools to access your library on the go, and it is much more convenient to read and annotate PDF files on the couch with your iPad than at the desk with your Mac.
The reviews for the iPad apps even have videos, so you can experience them (almost) first-hand without spending 15 or 20 bucks up front! The sharing buttons at the left side make this super easy, and you can find more ideas on how to spread the word here. However, together with text notes they present extra information at a glance when you are skimming through the PDF you once read. I want to find the fastest, most intuitive way to annotate a PDF with straight lines in a graph format that looks a bit like economic charts.
It won’t export your annotations into a special file or book, but it lists them up front on the cover of the file.
My research interests are how humans' perceptions of nature relate to their consumption and how people use consumption to construct themselves as individuals and community members.
Annotate also offers a Share Sheet extension so that you can start annotating directly in many other apps.
Better example, what do you use when you are working on a document or website of your own and wanting to get feedback from users or collaborate with a friend or group? Blerp offers social integration with Facebook and Twitter; you can sign in with each account and have your Blerps appear in your timelines. Simply enter the URL of the page you want to annotate on the Bounce website and then it will grab a screenshot; your screenshots can also be send to Notable (if you have an existing account). Draw Here is a great way to show your talent, draw comments on web pages or just doodle out of pure boredom. A nice feature of this tool is that you can share your entries directly on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and your Google Profile.
Comments can be public or private and you can invite others to participate in your conversations. There is only an Add-on for Firefox, but you can use the bookmarklet for all other browsers. A nice addition is the ability to send email alerts to others on your team in order to request feedback. There is also a badge on the browser icon that will let you know the number of notes on a page (kind of like Google Sidewiki mentioned above). There is an iPhone app called Simplenote that you can use to import and export notes from QuickFox Notes.
There are a lot of features included like the ability to add friends, keep up with RSS feeds, and join groups. You can assign one PDF file to multiple collections and you can add keywords, tags, status, and rankings to your PDFs. If I had all my papers in a dropbox folder, I would quickly run out of my free dropbox space! In iAnnotate, for example, you need to tab a button to switch from annotating to navigating.
Second, if you want to use your iPad not only for reading but also for serious (academic) writing, please check out my other guide on how to pick a keyboard case that perfectly fits your writing style. I personally find it extremely useful, though it very much depends on one’s workflow and diligence in making self-contained notes for each paper they read. The purpose is to show above a written text the shape of a melody for those who cannot read music. Once you are set, you can share the annotated image to any app using the native iOS share sheet or save it back to your Camera Roll. There are three ways to activate awesome highlighter: by entering the URL into the official website, using the bookmarklet, or using the Firefox Add-on.
Best of all, you can do all of this without registering; yet an account allows you to keep track of the documents that you have uploaded for future reference. Another great feature is that you can specify whether you want a note to appear on just one page of a site or all of the subpages as well. You can also see how many comments are on a page by a small badge that appears on the tool’s icon. A great feature included in Note Anywhere is the ability to change the style of your notes and also the notes summary feature.
The only downturn is that the free version of pdf-notes displays advertisements, which you can get rid of by buying the paid version. My problem is that the best solution I have found is using my iMac and painstakingly make this kind of graph with Wondershare PDF Editor.
A free account lets you annotate 30 items per month; any amounts larger will require a paid account.
Along with the Firefox Add-on, there’s also a Chrome extension and bookmarklet that can be used on most other browsers.
Given that the paid version ($10) is ad-free, you should include this one in the list of annotation apps for the serious reader. Reframe It stays closed on the page until you click on the tab (on the side of the window) to open it.

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