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Tribal armband tattoos include arcing lines, solid color patterns and represent no particular meaning. Incoming search terms:armband tattoos,armband tattoo designs,armband tattoo,armband tattoos for men,tattoo armband,free armband tattoos for men,free armband tattoo designs,tribal armband tattoos,celtic armband tattoos,arm tattoo designs,No related posts.
Armband tattoos have become extremely popular over the past few years, almost to the point of being overdone. All I mean is that you should avoid the cliches that are often associated with armband tattoos. Now I have seen lots of armband tattoos with tons of colors and designs, but with the celtic design you will notice black only much, much more than color. I have seen some with a scroll style design along the top and bottom of the band that looks very nice also.
I believe in the start of armband tattoos tribes used them as an indicator of how high you were in the tribe leadership, kind of like the armed services do with one bar for Lieutenant and two bars for a Captain.
Upper arm and the shoulder both are the least painful parts of our body thata€™s why many people want to style tattoo on these parts.
At one point in time, armband tattoo designs were rarely seen and were generally in the exclusive domain of rebels and bikers. The myth about these armband tattoos was that they would keep you safe in the face of danger.

You don’t see very many of them, but I know one tattoo artist that does a great job with his designs.
Some people believed that if you make a complete circle on your upper arm then it proves bad for you. You can get the name of your lover tattooed around your arm, or the name of your favorite sports team. Almost all the celtics in Ireland and Scotland would have these type armband tattoos when they went into battle against the English Lords.
If you are going to get armband tattoos make sure you decide on the right colors, some colors just don’t match and I have seen a few of those lately.
The surfers of the 60′s brought attention to the armband tattoos with their cut off jeans and their bleach blonde hair.
That is one thing you see a lot of in California, armband tattoos using barbed wire and other sharp instruments of pain such as swords and knives. You can also choose the image of ant animal to styles as armband tattoo like horse, tiger, dragons or any other animal who gripped you. You can also have things such as stars, shamrocks or anchors tattooed in a band around your arm. Their very plain in design and they usually come in black only, not sure why, but that is what you will see most of the time.

Talk about some ugly tattoos, I saw a lady using the colors green and purple in her armband tattoos. My favorite is the barbed wire especially since Pamela Anderson made it famous with her movie, Barb Wire.
There are few designs as interlacing lines, animals, complex knots etc which are very common. Of course, these are just a few ideas, but they should get your brain thinking about the possibilities. If you want to go for a unique design take some idea from the internet and ask your tattooist to make a different design of particular type. If you want to mix different patterns, different colors so that your tattoo spells multi stories, then is also possible.
There are a number of patterns are available in armbands as Celtic designs, Tribal knots, Hawaiian patterns and many more.

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