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Published: 02.02.2015. Category: Horse Tattoo Designs

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita recreates famous artworks out of thousands of whimsical characters he created using his own imagination. Looking at the creations of this talented 27-year-old artist, I can’t help but remember my childhood days when I would doodle all kinds of drawings on the back of every notebook I had. Just uploaded Psylocke on Facebook and Twitter. I'll be posting each piece I did every now and then.

Also, you have Danny Trujillo in there and last but not least, thought that wrestler was Ray Mysterio I might be putting too much though into this but it's the first thing that popped into my head. Looking at his artworks from afar, they justA¬† seem like well executed recreations of popular paintings and sculptures, but as soon as you approach, you notice there’s something more to them.
Thousands of small characters come together so perfectly to create a complex yet very detailed composition that simply blows your mind.

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