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Thanks for pointing out that the Sun Stone Calendar is Aztec, not Mayan, which most people do not realize. The Tonal Machiotl (the Sun Stone’s name in Nahual, which was used by the Aztecs), was designed at the Great Astronomical Convention of Tenochtitlan in Puebla in 1479.
It also encodes a vast amount of mathematical data (such as pi)0 and chronological knowledge. One connection between the Mayan Sacred Calendar and the Sun Stone is the circle of glyphs surrounding the five central suns.

The Popul Vuh correspondence is found in the four glyphs of the Sun Stone, where they symbolize four previous world ages, or Suns. Beyond that everyone seems a bit fuzzy on just what significance 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar have. In addition to Aztec priests, it was attended by representatives of the Olmec, Zapotec and Maya. There is one thing I do know, the round thing that everyone keeps calling a Mayan calendar is an Aztec carving done 500 years after the Classic Mayan civilization had collapsed.

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