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In addition to hipster princesses, Emmanuel Viola draws a range of characters including pin-up superheroes, Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones characters, and a sexy, shirtless Buzz Lightyear, of course.
Ariel looks so comfortable in these over-the-knee socks and high-waist shorts that I forgot she was once a mermaid. Rainbow hair, multiple piercings, a giant Rajah the tiger tattoo, Jasmine has all of the things that make a hipster. She depicts the princesses with piercings, crazy-colored hair, tattoos, high-waist jorts and stockings.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whether your clothes or accessories, they look fashion and cool as long as they are put with skull patterns. Also, for tattoo designs, you can make a skull look for the right placement to get rock and fashion. When I look at the artworks, I wish that they had an accompanying fairy taleā€“or at least a graphic novel.

I can imagine them fooling evil witches, then returning to Bushwick in time to eat a Thai-Mexican fusion meal in a dimly-lit speakeasy-cum-diner.

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