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For the people who want to have barcode tattoos representing expensive items, visit stores with expensive items or shop the web and try to magnify the barcode of you favorite expensive item. Placement – Visibility is the key with barcode tattoo designs.  They’re small so you can place them anywhere you want. In Twilight Princess, the six sages the try to execute Ganondorf are desendants of the six sages from Ocarina of Time, evident by the medallion symbols on their robes. Also in Twilight Princess, the music for Hyrule Castle is mix of the Hyrule Castle theme from A Link to the Past, and Ganondorf's theme from Ocarina of Time. As shown by the level select in Sonic 3, The Flying Battery was to be in Sonic 3, between Carnival Night and Ice Cap, but was taken out last minute. In the Sonic Generations remix of Super Sonic Racing, clips of the original Sega Saturn promo can be heard, referencing Sonic R's debut of the Saturn. In the intro to Sonic Adventure 2, the pilot identifies his helicopter as "Sigma-Alpha 2" which translates from greek as SA2, the games initials.
On the boxart for Super Mario Sunshine, on the circle behind Mario you can make out the phrase "Mario Has More Moves Than Ever. In Skyward Sword, the Knight Academy Link attends is celebrating it's 25th anniversary, a reference to when the game was released, then Zelda's 25th anniversary.
In Majora's Mask, When you first become Deku Link, the flow of time is 1.66 times faster than usual. On the NTSC disc of The Wind Waker, the Hylian reads "Zeruda no Densetsu Kaze no Takuto" which is The Wind Waker's Japanese name. The music that plays in a boss room after you beat it in Wind Waker is the audio sample used as the "Final Hours" in Majora's Mask.

It's worth noting that there are seven sages in the Zelda universe but in the cutscene of Ganon breaking free during TP, he killed the Water Sage (Ruto).
In Kid Icarus: Uprising, The game breaks the fourth wall (like it does so many other times) by saying that it's been 25 years since Pit's first adventure.
In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pyrrhon speaks in binary saying "01001011010010010100110001001100", which is ASCII binary for "KILL". In Super Smash Bros Melee, Pit's trophy has the words "Will he ever fly again?" imprinted on it, referencing his absence in the gaming market, and his eventual inclusion in Brawl.
This Is seen to many as an homage to Metroid, as the original Kid Icarus ran on the Metroid engine. This connection is pushed further in Kid Icarus: Uprising when in the chapter Chaos Vortex, Pit says they look like Metroids, but Viridi, The Goddess of Nature, says that can't be, as the universe of Kid Icarus and Metroid are different. Also the name Komayto comes from Kometo, which in turn is short for Kometoroido, which means "Metroid Child." in Japanese.
The story of Icarus (The boy who flew too close to the sun and feather and wax wings and died.) is referenced in the games.
Also in Melee, there is a bonus you can get called "Switzerland" which is where you don't get hurt, and give damage (This includes missing an attack, using a recovery attack, and dying) The name is a reference to Switzerland's neutrality in the two World Wars. In the German Version of Secret of Evermore, the Beginning took also place in a city, called Gro?ostheim.
Some people see it as a symbol that replaces people by way of eliminating jobs or that we humans are all just a number with a barcode as well. Red always looks great with black, but so does every color.  Stay away from yellow, though unless you want to look generic.

Sonic was supposed to use the cannon he uses at the end of Carnival Night to launch his way up there. You'll Have To Master Them All To Spray Water In The Sunshine." but some of it is covered up by the shine, and Mario.
In real life, Kid Icarus Uprising came out in 2012, while Kid Icarus came out in 87', 25 years apart. While fighting the first boss, Twinbellows (A two-headed dog) He says "Old Pit's gonna teach this dog some new tricks. He says that it is part of the "Angel Code of Conduct" and that his bare body would be damaged by hot springs, but it's revealed in a random conversation between him and Palutena that he's just trying to save money on laundry. Just light a candle, the Wii-Mote is able to recognize its movement in the field the candle flame creates (i think it must be also infrared).
For some it’s status symbol and has no relationship whatsoever to the above philosophies or religious connotations.  Some replicate the barcodes in the way barcode tattoos, found on very expensive items, purveying the meaning that they too, are very expensive or their worth is valuable. He would've broken a panel off the Flying Battery, and fallen down to Ice Cap, using the panel as a make-shift snowboard. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, This is referenced as Palutena's power of flight only lasts five minutes before his wings burn up.
It's said it was taken out because at the time they didn't have a proper transition from Mushroom Hill to Sandopolis, so they threw it there.

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