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During a press conference on Thursday in Hoofddorp, Netherlands it was announced that the construction of a new baseball stadium (for more renderings see gallery below) can begin.
However while Major League Baseball has been involved in the project from the beginning talks between the organizers and MLB about the option of regular season games in the new Hoofddorp stadium are yet to begin. The new baseball and softball complex, which not only include the new Vaessen Pioniers stadium, features several fields and is part of a development project “Park 21”. Besides the goal to host MLB regular season games in the stadium, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (KNBSB), which was represented by Technical Director Robert Eenhoorn at the press conference, wants to use the stadium also as home base for its national teams including coaching staffs.
The new sports complex is scheduled to be ready for use by March 1, 2014 at the latest, right in time for the start of the Dutch baseball and softball season. I’veA felt entire stadiums shake under my feet during home openers, playoff runs, postseason showdowns and even the World Series. None of that compares to the energy I felt pulsating through the crowd during the Chinese Professional Baseball Leaguea€™s (CPBL) 2013 opening day game in Taoyaun, Taiwan. For nine innings straight, the crowd rhythmically chants alongside beating drums, blaring wind instruments, clapping cheerleaders, bellowing smoke machines, flags waving and flames shooting up from above the dugout. Opened in 2010, the Taoyaun International Baseball Stadium is home to the Taoyaun Lamigo Monkeys and seats 20,000 people.
However, as the there are only four teams in the league, all home games are packed with thousands of fans rooting for theA visitingA team as well.
To fuel this rivalry, the stadiumA is split in half and each team’s fans are encouraged to sit next to each other. Surrounded by cheerleaders and standing on top of their team’s dugout, these energetic men spend the entire game shouting into a microphone and encouraging the crowd to create a cacophony ofA rhythmicA noise. As the excitement grows during any particular inning, so does the chorus of hands clapping, drums beating, horns blasting and thundersticks (see below) being struck together by thousands of amped up fans. Meanwhile, any time there is a hit or key out, smoke and fire shoots into the air as stadium employees wave giant flags in the aisles. What I did hear was 100 times better; the entire Lamigo Monkeys crowd sang a fight song together while the 7-Eleven Lions side sang their own competing song. Should the same team win both halves, the second and third place teams engage in a playoff series to determine who advances.
Since 2005, the winner of the Taiwan Series has gone on to participate in the Asia Series against the league champions from China, Korea and Japan. Taking place in a different country each year, the round-robin tournament’s first round features each team playing one-another once.
Thus far, Japan has been theA dominantA force in the Asia Series; emerging victorious five times. Random Fact: My love for baseball has led me to 19 Major League Baseball opening day games, including a 14 year streak at Shea Stadium. The CPBL Web site said it was close to the Taoyaun train station, so I used Google Maps and found directions to what I assumed was the stadium. Not only did Millie give me a lift to the stadium, but she and her friends also helped me buy a scalped ticket, invited me to dinner and gave me a lift to the correct train station after the game. Like any other stadium, the jumbotron at Taoyaun International Baseball Stadium is used for everything from introducing the batter to exciting the crowd to advertising some product.
Including Chien-Ming Wang, there only have been eight Taiwanese baseball players to reach the major leagues in America.

In the back row of the stadium, there is an entire row of seats that face away from the field.
As dozens of outstretched hands reached for it, I swung my right arm towards the ball and closed my hand. After staring at the ball in utter amazement for a few seconds, I looked up and realized the entire crowd was cheering for me with their hands up for high-fives. Excited to tell my friends, I wandered around until I found them seated in the front row behind the Monkeys’ dugout. This was especially amazing to me, as in America I couldn’t even get down to the field level without a ticket, let alone sit there for an hour. In case they are reading this, I want to send one final HUGE thank you to Millie, Vivian and everyone else who made my opening day experience one that I will never forget. Hello Greg, I’m a Tawanese baseball fan, I’m so happy to see your artile about this game, hope everything is fine for you! Additionally, I am rather glad to see more and more foreign friends go to the ballpark, cheering for their teams. Hi Greg, I’m a Taiwanese, I was so glad that such a wonderful article was written in English.
Baseball really mean something in we Taiwanese’s heart and thanks to WBC now there are much more fans willing to come back to the field. So I normally don’t go to baseball games because they are SOOO long, and I inevitably eat like five helpings of disgusting nachos.
With the new stadium of the Vaessen Pioniers the Netherlands and with it European Baseball will meet the requirement to host MLB regular season games.
MLB only has acknowledged so far in a letter that games could be played there in either 2014 or 2015. It will have two baseball fields, two softball fields, a multipurpose field and a Beeball field.
Looking at the whole Amsterdam Metropolitan Area the effect would be even significantly larger. Using the form below, please provide as much detail as possible regarding its intended use; including URLs, size, duration, etc.
That way, no matter what happens – ball, strike, out, hit, run a€“ half of the stadium is cheering in unison. Sadly, Taiwan has never taken home the trophy; a fact they hope to change when the games are played at home in 2013. When I got there, I found myelf standing in front of a big, beautiful and empty municipal track and field arena. In broken English, the cashier explained that the baseball stadium was 25A kilometersA away. It’s a good thing I did, as the bleachers were separated from the rest of the stadium and if I had sat there I never would have gotten the photos on this page: or my foul ball!
Perhaps thata€™s because Chien-Ming Wang is the most well-known Taiwanese player in Major League Baseball. It makes sense in the upper deck as a way to protect the fans… but all it does on field level is block the view of the best seats in the stadium.
A Lamigo Monkey had just hit a home run, fireworks had been set off, the crowd was going wild and I had snapped some great photos.

It bounced off the upper deck and down into the stands behind me before taking one final hop into the walkway.
As there were no open seats, I simply sat down on the stairs next to them and proceeded to spend the final two innings watching the game by their side.
That actually makes complete sense, but I still do find those seats a bit peculiar :) That said, it is great to be able to have seats for people to accompany someone in a wheelchair. I say so because you’ve presented baseball in Taiwan through a colorful lens with keen observation. I believe that, with the hospitality of Taiwanese people, you will find true joy in rooting for your team with us enthusiastic, avid baseball fans here in Taiwan. Organizers promote a so-called “Amsterdam Series”, which is a possibility as soon as 2014 or 2015. MLB officials, who attended the press conference wouldn’t commit to yes or no on this matter. All fields meet the requirements for national and international events of KNBSB, MLB, ISF and IBAF. The “Amsterdam Series” would be an “excellent opportunity to present Amsterdam to the world as the interest in baseball at this level is global”, as stated in a press release. Although, then I never would have met Millie and had the unforgettable experience that I did. After my experience, you can be sure that I will always support Taiwan baseball and will be telling all my friends back home about it.
With those amazing photos you taken, CPBL really should share this in their official website!! In MLB, on the contrary, we just clapping on our own our even simply chating but not always focus on the game. To answer your question, I much prefer the atmosphere at a game in Taiwan and would prefer it if baseball games back in the USA had the same energy level. Additionally it seems that the stadium also could be in line to host a World Baseball Classic event in the future. The main baseball stadium will have clubhouses, batting cages, MLB sufficient lights and a capacity of 600 on the grandstand. There are shuttle buses from THSR Taoyuan Station and Chungli Train Station and you can find the detail information in Lamigo’s website. I have been a baseball fan of Taiwan for almost 10 years; our baseball has gone through some obstacles during the past decade. The main reason is that there are nobody leading the audiences to sing, to scream or else in MLB. However the setup of the complex allows the construction of temporary seats to bring the capacity to 30,000. However, after the good effort and spirit we perform in the WBC, people were moved by Taiwan baseball again!! More Taiwanese started to watch baseball on TV, and more fans started to buy ticket to see a game in the stadium !!

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