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Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! There are many ways that people choose to express themselves; a very popular way of doing that today is through tattoo. If you wish to preserve an image for prosperity a skilled portrait tattoo artist can transfer the picture of your loved one onto your skin to keep them in your thoughts and memory forever. But with a skilled artist you can be sure that when you have the image transferred from picture to skin that it will be a beautiful work of art that you can be proud to wear. Portraits are images of the head, sometimes neck and shoulders, of an iconic figure in one’s life. Portraits are almost exclusively done realistically in order to properly portray the image of the person being depicted. For a devoted follower, portraits of religious figures like Jesus Christ, Mary the Mother, Buddha, or Hindu goddesses like Kali and Durga are chosen. While portrait tattoos are usually realistic, there are many other ways to render an idol’s face.
Portraits of pets, cats and dogs, are sometimes used to serve as a tribute to a deceased family pet. Few months ago I was recommended visiting a tattoo artist in Mildenhall(Suffolk) at The Ink Spot called Gavin Rodrigues. I was wondering if anyone else has had portraits done and what they turned out like, post pictures here. I understand that there is already a thread for tattoo's, but I thought i'd make a new one anyway as i'd just like to see portraits, thanks.

Thank you but my names not Gavin, thats the tattoo artist who did my work, I saw it only fair to credit him as he did the work. Originally Posted by rockabillyhun ripping up kitchen rolls at conventions is not an apprenticeship.. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Tattoos and their MEANINGS eightball Chit Chat 58 31-08-2008 03:13 PM Looking for a great portrait artist? Featuring shops such as No Regrets Tattoo, Atomic Lotus Tattoo, Manny’s Ink and Air, Cannibal Graphics, and Bloodline Elite Tattooing, Oklahoma City is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. Tattoo as an art is a form of expression by both the tattoo artist and the person whose skin is their canvas. When getting a tattoo it is always wise to see examples of the artists work before they work on you, this may be especially true in portrait tattoos as the level of skill involved is high. They are an incredibly challenging tattoo for an artist because of the necessary detail and precision to create a realistic rendering of a cherished figure.
Celebrities are often used as well for portraits, conveying an iconic figure and the values that they held.
These images serve as a reminder of the principles of those religious beliefs, serving as the ultimate tribute to one’s cultural tradition.
The Art Nouveau style is close to realism with a little more artistic expression used as well as soft, pastel colors.
Beloved characters are often chosen as well to portray an identification with the attributes of the fictional figure. With a population of around 529,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town.

The person wearing the tattoo envisions an artwork that they feel expresses the thoughts or emotions they wish to express and they in turn convey this idea to the tattoo artist so they can ink the image to be worn forever. Either a loved one or beloved figure is generally chosen, often a close family member who has greatly influenced the life of the individual. Marilyn Monroe is a popular choice as well as figures throughout history such as Albert Einstein all the way to Bob Marley.
Simply the contour lines of the face can be used as the design, creating a representation of the person without adding a lot of detail. Frankenstein’s creation is used as a symbol of the outcast and downtrodden while something like a Batman villain would signal an unpredictability. This style of portrait is often used with “water color” style designs added, creating the appearance of blots and smears of paint over the face to add more dimension. Google Places lists 69 different tattoo shops in the Oklahoma City area, which shows how competitive the city truly is.
Because a portrait is such an obvious and permanent tribute, children are often chosen to be rendered on their parent’s bodies. Cannibal Graphics currently boasts one of the largest selections of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Curtis Fletcher, Bobby Deneen, Jeff Mitchell, Rawb Carter, Derek Ketner, Kyle Miller, Josh Reynolds, Dama Antunano.
When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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