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Blacklight Tattoos, Backlight Ink Tattos, Black Light UV Tattoo Inks, UV Tattoos: Blacklight reactive ink is a great way to have a tattoo that no one can see but under the blacklight or to add a little something special to trip out your friends. Black light tattoos are quite the in-thing nowadays as they are sure to liven up any party.
The tattoos placed with UV ink are invisible in regular light, but become visible under black light. These tattoos are made with a special ink which becomes visible under a black light, though the tattoo itself is invisible in regular light.

Black light tattoos are especially popular with those who are eager to sport a somewhat controversial tattoo design in an openly visible area but do not want to be concerned about the probable social consequences it might carry. In the last decade these tattoos have become popular among party-goers as they are readily visible at parties where a black light may be used.
However, as soon as the lights are down, these tattoo designs will become more prominent and glow in the dark.
The majority of these UV tattoos are placed on the visible parts of the body such as the face, arms and legs.

Some of the most popular ones include the word “Think” along with the image of a brain, the skeleton, the Dark Mark, Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, the Transformers, Zelda, Space Invaders, the Cheshire cat, Avatar characters and Apple pirate.
You can also choose any design of your own choice to wear on your skin that has a personal significance for you.

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