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You have everything you need in the tutorial video, however if you encounter any problems feel free to leave a comment on the video. Here you have a great opportunity to download a Modders Resources and Tutorials mod to upgrade your game. V1.1 looked sort of washed out on dark skinned characters, so I created this one for dark skin.
Don’t worry you will still have your 18+ body except now it’s tattooed witch is better! You don’t need to be an expert at photoshop you just need to follow a few easy steps.
If you have CBBE installed it will be even easier because you will find the body already extracted.

DESCRIPTION:This archive includes an alternate body texture for Breezes male bodyreplacer for Fallout 3. I do not recommend using these textures as a replacer of Breezes ones ingame as every male character will have these desigs on their body then.
I assume that no one would want everyone running around with the same tattoos in their game! Doing this, everything will still work fine but the tattoos will not show up as they only show up on Breezes body. So if you want to see these tats, they only show up on vanilla armors and clothes and on the ones that are meant to be for Breezes body, and -of course- when your character is nude. REQUIREMENTS:You need to have Breezes body replacer installed for being able to use these textures.

You also need the armor fix installed which is needed anyways when using Breezes mod.Make sure to read his Readme carefully and that all his stuff is installed and working. I could have created a custom race myself and upload it but I decided not to do so as everyone had their own ideas of a custom race. If anyone wants to upload a custom race using these, feel free to do so!WHAT ELSE:Do with these files whatever you want.

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