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Published: 16.11.2013. Category: Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Mar Congrats goes out to our friend Kendy of MissMuffcake who wrote in to share her gorgeous new kitty tattoo! A collection of free tattoo photos, pictures and design ideas wouldn’t work without the amazing (and not so amazing) artists; contact me if you know the artist or source of the photos so I can add the information to the post, WordPress and awesome pitter patter why you reading this nonsense sha la la.
Marilyn) is one handsome, 14-year-old, cancer surviving dude who loves eating spaghetti, smelling flowers, and being brushed.

My precious Pearlie just passed and I'm trying to find a local artist as talented as you did. I went around to a handful of shops and was either unimpressed with the artist's attitude or work. I happened upon a tattoo shop while buying cosmetics in the mall and found an artist that got it!

The limited use of colours also help to make sure the design is easy to look at and doesn’t overwhelm the eye like so many full back pieces do.

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