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New Brunswick continues to follow the trend of the rest of of North America – another craft brewery is opening, this time in the Riverview area. My decision to brew professionally was due to all of the positive feedback I have been receiving over the years, and the fact that I just love to brew.
I just received my Provincial brewing license, which was the final step in the process… this took almost exactly one year to accomplish. I have two styles that will be ready by early next week and will immediately be available via ANBL in 20L kegs. I would have to say I learned the most from my brewing buddy Gil back in my home town of Winnipeg. I would say the most helpful professional brewer was Patrice from Acadie-Broue here in Moncton. When it comes to the world of beer I would have to say that my interest was sparked by a festival we have back in my hometown, called Folklorama.
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Celtic knots (knotwork, celtic interlace), The celtic knot motifs celtic jewelry art. Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative. My first thought was it looked maybe like an iconic version of the E8 Theory of Everything.
Owned by long-time homebrewer Bruce Barton, Celtic Knot Brewing will be having its launch party this Sunday, June 23rd, at 3pm, at Marky’s Laundromat in Moncton. As of now I have interest from one pub and I plan to see what the demand will be before pursuing further contracts. We brewed a lot and shared a tremendous amount of information making us both better brewers.
This was a festival celebrating the multiple cultures of Winnipeg, with several pavilions each with ethnic food and drink.
We recently exchanged emails with Bruce to get some details on what he has planned for beer lovers in the area.
All hosing is food grade silicone, and water and wort are pumped around with two March pumps.

I mainly concentrate on American and English style beers with a few specialty beers in the works.
I hope to supply the Laundromat full-time but I guess that’s up to Marc and how well the beers are received. I would sample the different beers from each country and it opened my eyes to the fact that there are all sorts of styles and flavours in beers.
The Pale Ale was crafted over a few years and is meant to appeal to both the craft beer and non-craft beer lovers alike.
The wort is the cooled through a counter flow chiller to end up in one of 2 stainless steel conical fermentors that are both 27 gallon. I also have a few specialty beers that I will be brewing such as a spruce beer, a chinese green tea and goji berry beer, a Viking heather beer, and a pumpkin beer for Halloween.

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