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Celtic tattoos for men are so sought after because the old art forms have a masculine and badass touch. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Love Bird Tattoos, Angelina Jolie Tattoos, Black Light Tattoos and Old School Tattoos. Symbol of energy, life, vitality and power; the Celtic sun looks very captivating, done neatly on the calf. Graceful and pleasing in appearance, the purple and black Celtic knot tattoo is a treat to the eyes. Carved on the inside of the arm; the Celtic cross tattoo looks very impressive and also gives strength to the wearer.
This knotted Celtic deign shaped up as a mysterious animal looks very intriguing and displays a very fine art work. The man shows his love for his beloved with this Celtic heart design that is created with the gorgeous combination of red and dark ink. The mystic tree that is considered to be the connecting line between the earth, sky and the underworld looks pretty aesthetic as a tattoo. Symbol of loyalty and luck; the Celtic dogs tattoo, etched on the arm, also present a mystic portrait before the eyes. The splatter around the mystic bird is a symbol of death and reincarnation that takes place after the soul flies away from the body. Beautiful blue Celtic tattoo bearing the holy cross, held with the intricate knot work, is very captivating in outlook. The man expresses his adventurous and brave side with this Celtic tattoo that is inspired from the designs worn by the Vikings.

Express your love in a modern-traditional style with this tattoo that combines the Celtic knot and heart shape together in its display. This majestic tattoo, carved on the back, that wields power and ferocity is also a symbol of strength. The knot work and the cross look very artistic and also bear the name of the wearer in its center.
Cool tattoo for men, the Celtic knot work armband weaves a stunning design around the arm that looks quite striking. Creative and charming; this back tattoo oozes spirituality and also represents the faith of the wearer in god. The man is a believer in the mysticism associated with the Celtic culture and therefore got this dragon tattoo that is a symbol of power and magic. This shoulder tattoo looks very cool and is a simile for the mysterious and everlasting nature of life. Symbolizing the interconnectedness and circular nature of life; this Celtic tree tattoo looks very elegant.
Tattoo for couples that symbolizes eternal commitment and everlasting love is quite popular as an ornamental piece. Names of kids sitting over the Celtic tree of life are a symbol that the mother’s life revolves around them.
This Celtic tree tattoo has been carved in the memory of father and mother as the former died in a logging accident and the latter is of Irish descent. The robust man shows off his brilliant arm tattoo created with the Celtic band and the family crest.
Innovative and artistic Celtic tattoo created by entwining the dog and bird into one symbolizes luck, loyalty and success.

The dragon and the scales symbolize the fact that power must be used in a justified manner for apt reasons. The mother expresses her love for her son with this lettering tattoo done in Celtic knot work style on her forearm. This Celtic style tattoo resembles lips from which a snake is coming out and symbolizes the ferocity and power of speech. Beautiful and full of meaning; this circle tattoo stands for the changes that our life undergoes in order to realize its essence completely.
The mother got this Celtic cross tattoo after the birth of her daughter whose name is on the top. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The people of ancient times who wore the art form on their body parts developed many types of designs that have become very popular today.
Be it the holy cross, the lucky shamrock or the various animals such as dragon, bull, bird, etc. The mystic and artistic display of these tattoos has attracted a lot of men and women towards them. If you are also looking for such tattoos and want to know about their symbolic meaning then nothing would serve your purpose as well as the post created here. The guys and gals are going in large numbers to the tattoo artists to get their favorite design carved on their body.

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