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Published: 08.10.2013. Category: Tribal Dragon Tattoo

So, tree tattoos carry the same symbolic value as they are associated with growth and abundance.
Other trees often featured in tattoo designs include apple, beech, cherry, elder, Joshua and maple. Celtic tattoos have very interesting designs that add another level of beauty to the personality of women. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Celtic Knot Tattoos, Pauley Perrette Tattoos, Neck Tattoos For Girls, and Pretty Tattoos. My Tattoos Looking Fancy is very amazing looking tattoo design and that girl looks nice in it.

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These tattoos come with several designs like knots that are a symbol of two identities being bound together for eternity.
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For example, the Greeks and Celts believed oak trees to be sacred while ash trees were revered by Scandinavian people.

Then we have the never-ending loops that very prominently emphasize on the vicious circle of life and death that never ends and we all have to play a part to that. The “tree of life” is one of the most popular tree tattoo designs, symbolizing creation, strength, wisdom, protection, knowledge, forgiveness, salvation and beauty. Then there are the circular rings that depict the belongings that one always has to the ultimate power of the almighty.

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