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This bracelet pairs with the Celtic weave necklace #201356 and is a great compliment to any ensemble. SUBMIT your SCREENPLAYVoted #1 screenplay contest in the world!NEW MOVIE REVIEWSRead Today's POSTED REVIEWSTOP 100 LISTS WEBSITEBest of photos, movies, sex and everything else!MOVIE TRAILERSSEE the UPCOMING films. When one thinks of the Celtic Weave, it’s fun to compare images to explain this beautiful energy system. Personally, I really enjoy this image… The Celtic Weave energy system entwines beautifully in a similar manner. In Yoga, this system is represented by two curved lines that cross seven times, symbolizing encasing the 7 chakras.
What ever has caused an imbalance in any of these energy systems is easily cleared in a session! As an Energy Practitioner, I delight in helping others release the negative clutter in their energy system to allow them to accept the light around them. I don’t know that all Celtic knots are symbols of energy systems, but they could be Thanks Teresa! Thank you for explaining the Celtic symbols and rhythm…it makes such great sense about the energy!

Yes, in India, in the medical schools, they teach energy medicine along with westernized medicine. Thank you for explaining something I’ve wondered about yet never seemed to take the time to research! Yes, everyone’s life experience may seem different, yet in so many ways they are the same!
This is the second video tutorial I’ve created for the Celtic Weave Stitch, also known as the diagonal weave or interweave stitch. Maria from Pattern Paradise has written up a free pattern for a lovely baby blanket made with the diagonal weave.
This tutorial was designed as a visual aid for my patterns and does not include stitch counts.
This system is not a separate energy, but rather a rhythm that runs through the other energy systems leaving a vibration that influences physical attributes, health patterns and personality traits.
You may wonder what it was that caused the imbalance… some times the cause may be because of something that happened to you, OR it could be because of something that happened to one of your ancestors!
Maintaining a balanced energy system can make all the difference in your journey through life.

It’s true That is why an energy healing session is good to have every few months or so, unless there is an urgent issue present, then more often. I have read studies from so many that cause me to believe it is a compilation of many driven to discovery.
You will see that I refer to the first stitch of each round as an alternate DC turning chain; you can see photos of this technique here. It is intertwined with the other energy systems to keep them all functioning as a single unit.
There are many things we do to maintain good health; we eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, see our dentist every 6 months for preventative check ups, yearly physicals from our doctor, and regular energy tune ups with our energy practitioner. It’s not enough to just move through life, our quality of life in the long run depends upon our diligence in maintaining our health every day.
We never really know how long our life will be… I overheard my great grandfather, at age 94, remarking how dumbfounded he was that he was still alive… he lived to age 104!

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