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The head of a tribe was tattooed with a design that was exclusive to be made on the chief of the tribe only. Today the most common purpose of a Chinese letter tattoo is using it as a fashion accessory and making a style statement.
If you are reading this, you are most probably going to get a Chinese letter tattoo or are thinking about getting one.
The Chinese letters tattoo can say a lot more than the same number of letters can in any other alphabet.
Chinese letters are a source of wonder for the world at large because they form such attractive but complicated shapes. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Chinese Tattoos, Asian Tattoos, Filipino Tattoos and Texas Tattoos. An in-cut top and stylish hairstyle deserves a stylish tattoo as well to complete the picture of chic. If having a large tattoo to show off is your intention, then this Chinese letters tattoo is the perfect one for you. A little tattoo on the neck in the form of a Chinese letter looks quite nice as a tattoo art. A simple tattoo can express a message of power and strength even without graphics because Chinese letters themselves are like designs. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Enigmatic, intriguing and visually appealing in its nature, the Chinese art of tattooing is highly appreciated by the Western world, where it enjoys great popularity and exposure.
Chinese tattoo letters encompass a wide range of symbolic meanings, and with so many characters available out there, the task of choosing the ones that are right for you can be daunting. Kanji, the other prevalent dialect used in Chinese tattoos, refers to a collection of Chinese characters that have penetrated in the Japanese writing system.
To form an idea about the complexity of Chinese letters, note that apart from the huge number of letters, each combination offers a distinctive meaning. MoreThe secret significance behind Chinese tattoos The legend of the Koi fish The Good vs. People belonging to certain tribes used to have tattoos that identified them as the member of that tribe. It is a good thing to research properly and thoroughly before deciding on a tattoo in order to ensure lifetime satisfaction. The two simple Chinese letters are designed in an artistic manner with straight line being perfectly parallel and the curved being perfectly curved. But following a line of Chinese letters down ones back is something one can see only in this picture. This Chinese letter tattoo is the best choice when you just want to follow a trend but not make a splash. The Chinese letters and the big pink flowers blend together to form a beautiful design that the wearer will be proud of when it is done.
The Chinese letters like an entire page appear like a story book with the scene tattooed below giving a graphic representation of the story being told.

This tattoo is unusual because of the Chinese letters that combine to form an artistic design on the back.
The two forms on the left look like a mother and the four forms on the right are smaller and look like children.
The strong lines of the Chinese letters are for a splash and serve the purpose of drawing attention.
It has simple lines and formation that is easy to imitate and does not clash with any outfit. The words signify strength, duty and freedom and describe the life cycle in a very simple yet graphic way. The letter looks more like a twisted corkscrew like design and has probably been inspired by a hardware store.
The unusual shape of the tattoo reminds one of ethnic art that has now become a trend and fashion statement. But when the tattoos are Chinese letters then it becomes more significant especially if they are true expressions of love. The pink flowers and falling petals offset the simplicity of the black Chinese letters to form a great design.
However, I think it would be better if they put the tattoos in another parts of their bodies.
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A particular interest can be observed towards Chinese tattoo lettering, commonly used to achieve the distinctive aura of exoticism and mystery characteristic to Asian culture. To simplify things, it is best to have the general idea already contoured in your mind before walking into the tattoo salon.
Hanzi denotes all the traditional Chinese characters found in the official written dialect of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.
Comprising well over 50,000 simplified traditional Chinese characters, Kanji stands out as a good source of symbols used in today’s Chinese tattoos. To leave no room for error, it is very important to find a good translation source before getting a Chinese lettering tattoo. Evil Antagonism Reflected in Dragon Tattoos Variations and Meanings Japanese Dragon TattoosThe mystic side of butterfly tattoosBe trendy with an ankle tattoo for men! This mission has been begun by people around the world, start from world peace campaign, doing real thing till tattooing their body with peace tattoo. There are tattoos with letters that imply a lot of themes like love, affection, power, strength, etc. The letters are formed in medium thin lines so that each line can be seen clearly and the shape stands out.
For those who don’t know the language, it would mean a small simplistic tattoo that looks great. Yet it has the effect of attracting attention, especially when you couple it with a tank top.
It seems that few people can resist Chinese letters when contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo – from famous musicians and movie stars to the person living next door to you, these graphic representations are at the very top of the tattoo option list.

Take the time to identify what emotions, thoughts or feelings you want to express by the means of your tattoo and stick with the things you think that define you best. The dialect contains a staggering number of 47,000 characters, although many of them are not being used today. Without proper knowledge of the dialects used, you may end up with a tattoo that means a completely different thing than intended, and realize it is too late to do anything about it at that point. You can gather Vertical Chinese Letter Tattoo Design On Back guide and look the latest Chinese Tattoos in here.
Full body tattoos were prevalent in the old Japanese traditions, and it is a tradition that has carried on in Japan. They contain images, phrases, lyrics, letters, characters, symbols and just your own name as well.
Getting a tattoo is a painful process and the level of pain is directly related to how close to the bone it is. Those who know the language would go for the one that expresses the correct theme that fits the wearer. To have a good level of knowledge of the Hanzi dialect, you need to master at least 4000 Chinese characters. To avoid this, don’t make that final step of having the tattoo done until you are 100% sure you are getting what you asked for. Facial tattoos and full body tattoos are typically associated to criminal organizations and gangs.
But the tattoo designs that have been gaining rapid popularity these days are the Chinese letters tattoos. But for those who don’t, the letters can be a wonderful and novel form of tattoo art that would be a trend setter. One such gang is Yakuza in Japan which has facial and full body tattoos for their identification. But the wide spread use of tattoos is gaining it acceptance from different societies and cultures. They can be tattooed small or big as one desired but with equal impact on those seeing the art work. They come together to see that Chinese really has things that will not be had by another place.
The letters are usually tattooed only in black, but if you are looking for something really out of the ordinary, they would look if different letters are tattooed in different colors on the same person. They have heard a long time ago that Chinese has tattoo design with deep meaning in every design.There are two famous tattoo designs of Chinese. The unique style and designs of Chinese letters and symbols have made them popular among the people who seek innovation and a different style in their tattoos. Before drawing this tattoo design, people usually ask the tattoo artist or Chinese people what the meaning of dragon is.

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