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It is not only an important item regarding Christmas, other cultures use bells extensively in their ceremonial customs.
If you consider the amount of Christmas carols that use bells as an underlying theme – you can start to imagine the importance of Christmas bells.
Church bells can get to around five metres in diameter and the sound can travel kilometres. It is fairly impressive if you consider that they are an ancient method of generating sound.

They are also used as a musical instrument and the note of a bell can be changed by messing around with how a bell is manufactured (thicker walls, size and shape). The bell is elevated to allow the sound to travel as far as possible without the hindrance of objects on the ground.
Prior to the advent of sirens many emergency departments attached bells to their emergency vehicles to let people know that there is an emergency. They have been used to signify the start of spring and are an integral part of many ceremonies.

Sometimes what they represent is an emergency – however, in regards to Christmas they are almost considered celebratory.

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