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Published: 31.03.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

International property development group Lend Lease has decided to migrate its IT infrastructure from its on-premise datacentre to Logicalis’ cloud. The company was facing the prospect of renewing its own datacentre hardware, which was almost a decade old. However, Chris Lemon, regional infrastructure manager EMEA at Lend Lease, felt the money would be better spent reinvesting in business operations and opted for cloud instead. Lend Lease moved onto Logicalis’ Optimal Managed Service model and Lemon claims the organisation is making substantial savings on energy costs, as well as the hardware it would have needed to invest in.
Mark Starkey, managing director of Logicalis UK, concluded: “This is a great example of a strategic IT partnership that successfully marries both the commercial and technology needs of the client, enabling IT to focus on innovation and delivering core business objectives.

A Logicalis spokesperson told Cloud Pro: “With regards to the recent departure of Gary Bullard who joined on 1 December as CEO Designate, the decision was made to not proceed with the intended appointment as CEO on 1 March due to various reasons, some personal.
OutlineEmail claims that an accompanying image is a photograph of the hands of God in storm clouds.
Who created the original picture and in what context it first appeared is difficult to determine.
Logicalis’ experience, service portfolio and proposed solution met all our objectives, they have proved the ideal partner,” he added.
And, in later versions, the image is associated with other storms or disasters, including 2004's Asian tsunami and 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

However, a number of visitors have pointed out the similarity between this image and a well-known pornographic image that was featured on

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