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Published: 08.06.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

Tattoos is an art form that impresses irrespective of whether the design is simple or complicated.
The tattoo this man is sporting, with its myriad colors seems like just a splash of color and a style statement. The mythological head of medusa and the skull combine to give a menacing impression of the tattoo wearer. The Sun has been an inspiration over centuries for different types of artists, so why not tattoo artists?
This tattoo is very artistically designed to depict a war scene with fighter planes flying among the clouds. Geometric designs are the best style in men’s tattoos when you want a style statement without any message going across. For a trend-setting macho look this tattoo of the X men symbol designed in pitch black in bold lines is the perfection of simplistic art. As tattoos go, this palm tattoo is has a simple theme but a complicated design despite its small size. So far the most sensational tattoo design for men in this collection is the Collage of Life. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. There is so much choice in tattoo designs for men that it would take some time to select the perfect one for you.
Even the tattoos that express their love will be interspersed with other depictions of strength. But if you look closer it defines the cycle of life with the stylish woman on a sofa at the top and the zombie limping about below her. The cat-like man’s face, the fan, the geometric circles with oriental letters in each…all tell a tale of magic and intrigue. The graffiti showing the word “hope” with a sci-fi machine resting on it makes one feel that the wearer is adventurous and wants to explore new worlds.

This patriotic tattoo in a combination of gray, red and blue is a marvelous one to be proud of. The cross within a circle has an intimidating effect or it could be just a style statement.
The shadowy skulls in pink tones and the bold dark background shapes are a marvel of artistic talent worth copying. The perfectly proportioned geometric shapes…circles, semi-circles, triangles, etc with perfect unwavering strokes is a great display of tattoo art. The portraits in this tattoo have a touch of class in their clean lines and perfect shading.
The vibrant colors of the background, the blazing red hair and sculpted figure of the woman, all combine to make it a class apart among tattoos. The three characters have been tattooed with precision and a great balance of colors to make them look like covers of comic books.
This particular one with its concentric circles, wide smile and blinking eyes is a simplistic and attractive form of the smiley.
The cross in dark gray and black and the skull baring its bloody stained teeth is a popular form of dark art. The expression in the eyes, the contours of the face, the hooded features and the mane of thick hair has been tattooed with enviable skill.
This upside down mushroom looks superb in its simple black lines, bold patches and gray shading make it a lovely and simple design. The dragon and the phoenix are both symbols of extravagant beauty, magical power and retribution. Just two broad strips in black along the back and a thin line of graffiti on an arm look brilliant and modern.
A tattoo that has fine artistic strokes, a perfect blend of colors and an oriental touch…that’s how one would describe this tattoo for men. But when the entire arm is tattooed along its length line in this picture, the effect can be quite devastating.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This tattooed symbol designed like a star within a sun has an unusual charm of ancient occult mysteries. This man is a romantic at heart and wants to show it off with this small frog prince tattoo on the neck in a dark and bold design.
This art form is very versatile as it can be combined with designs as well to make a superb blend. Then, you have an unexpected splash of bright orange and green of the gorgeous flower at the end. The simple design of stars and swirls accentuates his strong features and pleasant half-smile. Whatever it may be, the bold lines of the tattoo on such strong biceps make it a superlative piece of art. A raven is a witch’s companion and the skull…well, the end of you if you challenge her, of course! Black, gray, yellow and pink colors have been used to perfection to create a modern masterpiece. But the brilliant color combinations of the different body and arm tattoos make it style statement. Even the human figures and flowers in the tattoos will have an element of some mysterious and unleashed strength.
From romance and joy to death and sorrow, every aspect of life can be depicted through tattoo art.

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