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The famous old Confucius was a Chinese  editor, politician, teacher, and a philosopher of the Autumn and Spring period of the famous Chinese history. The followers of Confucius were present in a large amount in the time of the Hundred Schools of Thought era.
Here are some of the most famous Confucius quotes which he said in his whole life which can be used to gain some insight and wisdom in different fields of our life. Submit your articles to us and we will not only publish your content to our blog hub but we will also broadcast the post to our social networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the other 40+ social networks we have a presence on. He was a great philosopher with his views affecting many schools of thoughts all over the world.

Confucius’s thoughts at a later time were recognized officially and were developed into a whole new system which became known as Confucianism on the name of the philosopher. The philosophy of Confucius precisely emphasized on governmental and personal morality, justice, correctness of social relationships and sincerity.
Confucius is basically credited with being the author and the editor of many of the famous Chinese classic texts which includes all the Five Classics. Some modern scholars in China are at times cautious of dedicating specific assertions to the philosopher himself.
He was also the first person who recommended family to be a basis for any ideal government.

He was a great follower of the saying that a person should not do that things for others which he will not do for himself.

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