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Before I tell you how to find copyright free stock pictures on the internet, Let me explain 3 common types of licenses under which photographs are released.
Creative Commons Pictures – Creative common images can be used for FREE without obtaining any permission provided you attribute the author.
Simply enter the keyword and select the source where you want to search and it will find you hundreds of images for use on your website. Download and use these copyright free images on your website, don’t forget to credit the authors for creative commons pictures.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. No image is completely copyright free, unless the owner has specifically given up his or her rights to a photo.
There is nothing wrong with using these inherently free photos as long as you give due credit. We grant you a free royalty-free license to download and use these pictures on your websites, blogs and in designs, however copyright is not transferred. There are many sub license types under creative commons, however in most cases you’re good to go if you credit the author. Good writing is in no way dying, but you can't deny that eye-catching graphics make a big difference to your content's shareability and ultimately, your blog's traffic.

Copyright-free means have given you the permission to download their photo, and use it (usually, in a non-commercial way) without having to credit them or link to them.
Most often, you don't have to pay that license fee because sites offering 'free photos' usually pay the royalty on them, and allow you to reuse them. But I share my blog graphics everywhere, and it makes me feel a little uneasy about not crediting the photo every time, which is just not practically possible. It really doesn't make sense to use them otherwise, because many other blogs or sites will be using them too. Unsplash - This site makes me feel very grateful to it's owners because the photos here are so breathtaking, it's hard to believe they are free! - A site where you can download royalty-free photos without having to attribute. Morguefile - I still go back here to find photos I can't find elsewhere that fit my requirement.
Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites. There is a huge collection of photos here, but the downside it that the same photo is probably being using in hundreds of other places, which is why it's a good idea to add your text on it.
It may be a little hard to find exactly what you are looking for, but if you subscribe to their newsletter, you can get new photos in your inbox.

We only authorise non-commercial use of these Photos and particularly encourage their use for educational purposes. Many photos (but not all) on sites such as Public Domain Pictures, Free Digital Photos, and Dreamstime fall in this category. Both these sites have helpful tutorials, althought beginners would prefer PicMonkey for it's simplicity of options. Even if photos are in the public domain, they may come with some terms, depending on where you get them from. Yo soy el autor, pero en el instante en que se difunden, en un libro, en un blog, o en los periodicos ya son del dominio publico. El graffiti, aunque lo que tienes idea es stencil, tiene una sola ambicion: como una guerrilla, asaltar la vista del ciudadano en un momento inesperado.
Imaginate los warhols en un puente del circuito interior, atras de los muros de la Corona, en las bases de los postes de luz. Lo que se DEBE hacer en este caso es: 1) Pinta, stencilea o pega el warhol en un muro 2) FIRMALO, porque ya lo transformaste y ahora es tuyo.

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