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A great deal of the information regarding Japanese dragon tattoos on the internet requires careful scrutinizing if the meaning of Japanese dragon tattoos is important in your tattoo design. Ka Riu – Japanese dragon tattoos that include Ka Riu should be designed with fiery red or scarlet ink and possibly with flames around him. Whether you are looking for Japanese dragon tattoos because they’re absolutely stunning or because they’re symbolism have special meaning for you, there are a few things to consider.
Study gallery pictures, images, tattoos and talk to your designer about Japanese dragon tattoos. The information is a bit unreliable because varying sources report different numbers for historical, mythological and traditional dragons. The primary mythology behind this dragon is he was responsible for bringing to earth an important and well known sword. He is also known for his ability to spit great amounts of water; very useful against fire breathing dragons.

Really very little is known about Ka Riu except that he is notably small compared to other dragons, only about 7 feet. Folklore states that if you catch sight of this dragon great luck and financial prosperity will follow very soon. This article will agree and report on some of the great dragons and then some information on the importance of the ink color. Imagine that design, two Japanese dragons warring with fire and water, down your arm or leg. So if you’re looking for justifiably small Japanese dragon tattoos, this would be a good choice for an ankle, inner arm, and leg. Considered to be a large dragon, forty feet long, placement will be an issue if you have little skin left. If you believe in good luck charms, designs of Fuku Riu might be the choice in Japanese dragon tattoos for you.

There are many more dragons than are listed here and their ink color can hold certain significance as well.
Interesting to note, some gallery images portray Japanese dragon tattoos with wings, especially Sui Riu.
However, these Japanese dragons’ tattoos lend themselves perfectly to winding around other objects because of their serpent shape. In addition, remember that Japanese dragon tattoos have three toes, not five; Chinese dragons have that distinction. In addition, if you have your heart set on Japanese dragon tattoos that sport wings, there is reportedly one out there.

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