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You may have seen many blogs or personal websites where you see their logo or blog button up for grabs.
These Do-It-Yourself crafts will come as a treat to all the tea and coffee lovers out there. Our briefing process ensures you get the perfect soundtrack for your customers and your brand. Now you have your customers’ attention with engaging visuals use this as an opportunity to communicate YOUR messages – with the convenience of pushing all your content from a web browser anywhere, anytime. Customers on our Enterprise Subscription now have unlimited access to our full catalogue of music and visuals – as well as our range of intelligent tools to drive the experience.
This is not as easy as the other strategies to build backlinks since the number of .edu websites which allow users to create own blogs is very small.
There are three-four websites where visitors are allowed to register and create their own blogs and place keyword links which are given below.
You can search again by replacing blog with wiki or weblog. In such sites there would be a + on the top right of the page. Think about how important is to have your own blogs on real and pure high page rank EDU and GOV sites. I really hope you will value this resources much cause they are very rare and there are many online which charge you for this information.

How to find backlinks from EDU forums - 556,209 viewsHow to Register and Create Your Wiki Page - 334,420 viewsWhat Are Wiki links?
To start with making our very own blog button, first we need to host our button image somewhere.
Once you sign in into your Photobucket account, your Home screen will look a little something like the above image.
Using the 'Browse Files' button to locate your blog button image on your local hard drive and upload it to Photobucket. When this image is opened in full mode, you will see a number of different options on the right hand side.
Choose from any combination of Music Video, Sports Highlights, Action Sports, Fashion, Vintage Film, Video Art and much, much more.
With such a variety of content and powerful scheduling capabilities you can now deliver a music and visual experience as unique as the other aspects of your business and brand… something your customers will really enjoy, and remember you for!
These websites are shared on many webmaster & SEO forums, so I can’t tell how  long these sites would be available.
Because you are my favourite readers i give you below some of my preffered sites where to build your blogs. As a matter of fact on monday i will publish an tutorial called : How to find EDU articles and blogs to make a comment.

Is it faster to rank the .edu blog that you create than your own blog that you create on your own domain ? I always thought that we must have valid license to have an edu domain but you solved my problem like a charm. This will copy this link to your clipboard and a message confirmation of successful copy will be displayed as well. The second website is a community website where you can register and create your own content.
Image Links section gives a number of different options like Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code and IMG Code.
Try out blog buttons for your site and don't forget to share with us what you come up with! For beginners who know little about image hosting, Photobucket offers a very simple and free solution.

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