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Go to our signup page and enter your email address (a valid one!) and your password (a secure one!).
Choose the option Gimme a blog!, which should be selected by default and hit the Next button.
A uniform resource locator, abbreviated URL, also known as web address, is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to a resource. Submit a help request to our Support Team referring the email address you used (the wrong one) or the URL you chose. I remember a sentence, whatever we can get on the internet including the free ones and this applies also to get a free blog from .edu domain. By doing a search as above you will get a list of .edu domains are open for registration a new blog, but not all of them accept applicants and mostly just for their students only. The main goal in this post is discussed about how to get and create a free blog from .edu domain but it seems the topic is already very far.
Free, hosted blog publishing services are very easy to set up and configure and generally require you only a few minutes to get you fully started. The key advantages of having a hosted blogging service instead of a self-hosted solution to be installed on your server are basically the advantage of having a software tool, at zero cost, that gets automatically updated without any intervention from you and which allows you to start blogging immediately. The down sides are generally a much lower ability to customize and control the look and feel of your site, and to do other advanced customizations which may include adding specific functions or features to your site. In choosing a free hosted blogging platform you should be careful in checking how easy it will be, if and when you will want to, to move your contents and site structure to a self-hosted, server-based blogging platform.
The more powerful, among such free hosted blogging platforms also allow you to do web traffic analysis, spam filtering, mobile posting, and a lot more.
Look and feel: how much control you have over looks and how many pre-designed templates are offered. Privacy settings: how much can you control the setting of restrictions for who can access what on your blog. Mobile blogging: the ability of your blogging platform to host blog posts coming directly from your mobile phone. Domain Name Mapping: this feature allows you to have any domain name for your blog and to have to settle down for a generic or blog-platform branded site name and domain. Content Export: the ability to easily export your site structure and contents to another blogging platform at a later time.
LiveJournal is a virtual community where registered users can create a free blog and receive constant support from other members.
SherifAbdou puts up a recent list of the top 10 blogging services that allow you to create a blog free of charge. The financial blog of the South African newspaper The Times lists the 40 most popular service (and provides a brief description) that offer you free space on the Web to create your own blog. The popular tech blog Mashable proposes its own list of free hosted blog publishing services. Programmer and entrepreneur Stephen Miller makes a big list of 190 free blog publishing services for all tastes.

Originally prepared by Robin Good for MasterNewMedia, and first published on March 9, 2009 as "Create A Blog: Best Free Hosted Blog Publishing Services - Mini-Guide". After signing in, go to the same signup page where you registered for an account and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new blog.
There are a few tricks we can do and one of them is by finding out through google search engine. Even so, don’t let this make us discouraged, keep the spirit to get a free blog from the .edu domain. Last is a check, I Agree to the Terms of Service and click the Next button to move to the next step. Your username will automatically exist in the blog address box, if you do not want to use your username as your blog address, you can change the name of the blog you want. You create an account, choose a pre-designed template, set your own site name and key content elements, adjust privacy settings and you are ready to roll. You should also check and make sure that if you later decide to move on a more platform, you will be able to keep your site name and domain. Highly customizable thanks to the impressive quantity of plugins and themes you can install, WordPress blogs can also take advantage of a good spam filter, RSS, real-time traffic statistics, and an impressive community support that helps you sort your blogging issues. You can start building up your blog immediately if you have a Google account, and also use your AdSense and Analytics settings inside it to check ad earnings and traffic statistics.
You can access Live Spaces with your Windows LiveID, and integrate inside your blog the content you have on other Microsoft services, like SkyDrive. Powered by Six Apart (the company who owns the MovableType blogging platform) Vox only needs your registration data to get you started.
Simply register and start customizing your blog layout with one of the several templates offered. If you already have a Lycos account, you can start right away managing your blog online, or take advantage of the integration with Microsoft FrontPage.
After a simple registration process you can create an ad-supported blog you can syndicate via both RSS and Atom feeds. Currently in Alpha (development) status, blogr has a very simple interface where you can post your writings, photos, and videos with the minimum effort. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, you can adjust, set, and even drag&drop elements in your layout with no technical knowledge. Unfortunately, Miller provided no description, so you have to check out each service for yourself. If you are still not ready to code and configure your blog by yourself or do not have the budget to hire a webmaster, a free hosted blog publishing service is positively the best road to take for the time being. But if you need an ad-free blog, a customized domain, content-export features, or advanced privacy options, you can upgrade to WordPress premium features.
Blogger also supports multi-authors to create community blogs, RSS, several template customization features, post-via-mobile, and adjustable privacy settings. There are several customization possibilities either you want to mess with your CSS or not.

Just choose one of the very essential templates, add your content (text, video, images or audio), set your privacy settings and you're done.
No traffic statistics, mobile posting, export your content, or privacy settings features available. You can organize your content in one of the (few) available templates and syndicate via RSS. Additional features include privacy settings, traffic analysis, RSS, and explanatory tutorials to get you started right away. TypePad main characteristics include: post from mobile, post from Facebook, RSS, traffic statistics, spam filtering, ads management, and much more. In this mini-guide I have personally identified and reviewed the best free hosted blog publishing services out there.
With a paid account you can also protect your updates selecting the users who can access your blog, or even be the only one who can read it.
A powerful feature of Vox is the integration with video and photo sharing sites like Flickr or YouTube. Premium accounts also allow you to get other advanced features like setting the privacy settings of your blog, or customize the CSS (which is advisable since free blogs have scarce theme selection possibilities).
Drawbacks are the very limited set of feature you have: no traffic statistics, mobile posting, privacy settings or customized domains. Advantages are: you can set privacy settings, use RSS feeds, post from mobile, and have limited traffic analysis features. No premium plans available, mobile posting, nor traffic analysis feature, or having a unique domain name.
No traffic statistics, customized domains, content-export or mobile posting features available.
To start, log in, choose the colors of your blog (available templates are pretty much all the same), set your privacy settings, and then begin sharing your content (RSS syndication available). No premium accounts available, as well: you get all the features available at a free level. A drawback is you cannot have a unique domain name for your blog or export your content at a later time. Paid accounts with pro features, like exporting your blog content to another platform, or use the "phone to blog" option, that allows you to post directly from your mobile.
360A° has no premium accounts, customizing domain possibilities, nor traffic statistics features.

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