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You may have seen many blogs or personal websites where you see their logo or blog button up for grabs. These Do-It-Yourself crafts will come as a treat to all the tea and coffee lovers out there. Omnis Studio allows you to create web and mobile apps that will run on virtually any device, on any platform. By design, Omnis Studio provides over 30 ready-made JavaScript components which you can simply drag onto your design form including many types of controls that allow you to create a rich UI for your app such as tab bars, sliders, bar charts, date pickers, as well as all the standard controls such as buttons, lists and text boxes. To greatly extend the functionality of Omnis Studio and provide a greater range of apps for your customers, you can now create your own JavaScript components and use them in your web and mobile applications with the new JavaScript Component SDK.
The JavaScript Component SDK provides all the necessary files to build your own JavaScript components, including a template project to start you off, and a step-by-step tutorial that builds into a complete component. The release of the JavaScript Component SDK is an exciting development and we look forward to seeing what components Omnis developers will create. The views expressed on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of TigerLogic.

To start with making our very own blog button, first we need to host our button image somewhere. Once you sign in into your Photobucket account, your Home screen will look a little something like the above image. Using the 'Browse Files' button to locate your blog button image on your local hard drive and upload it to Photobucket. When this image is opened in full mode, you will see a number of different options on the right hand side.
This near universal support for desktop and mobile devices is made possible since Omnis applications are run in the browser on the client device and are rendered using HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
There are two parts to developing a component for the JavaScript Client  — the C++ component that is loaded in Omnis Studio and the JavaScript control which is loaded in the client browser. Other IDEs could be used, but you would need to configure the project and compilation settings.
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Since modern smartphones and tablets are equipped with a web browser, they can easily run your Omnis based application. Therefore to create your own components using the JavaScript Component SDK you must have at least a basic understanding of C++ and JavaScript.
Image Links section gives a number of different options like Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code and IMG Code. Try out blog buttons for your site and don't forget to share with us what you come up with! For beginners who know little about image hosting, Photobucket offers a very simple and free solution.

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