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The 4th of July is coming up in the United States and my kids love dressing up in their red white and blue for the holiday.
You can download my free set of patriotic temporary tattoos in Silhouette Studio format here or PDF here.
Below are instructions for how to create your own temporary tattoos with a Silhouette machine and without a Silhouette Machine. My Silhouette Challenge friends and I are all sharing projects on our blogs today, so check out the projects below for more inspiration! To make a fake tattoo or a fake tattoo sleeve, you just need to either free hand a custom design yourself and print it out on regular paper or you can just find an image online that you like and print it out.
For more creative ideas using Ink Effects, hop on over to the DecoArt Facebook page where they’re sharing a bunch of fun ways to use it. This is so awesome- I’ve seen these in stores and I’ve never thought about making them! Whether you need very temporary skin art for a costume or simply want to test-run a potential tattoo design before it gets permanent, making your own temporary tattoo only requires wax paper, a printout or drawing of your desired design, black eyeliner, rubbing alcohol, baby powder, liquid bandage, and a lot of patience.Read below for instructions on creating your own DIY temporary tattoo. They are both currently obsessed with temporary tattoos so I decided to try making my own DIY temporary tattoos. Use the image creating software of your choice to create the graphics for your temporary tattoos on an 8.5 x 11 inch document (or use the free file above).
Flip the images horizontally so they are mirrored from how the final temporary tattoo will look. Turn on registration marks by going to the Registration Marks window and select Show Reg Marks at the top of the window.

Next, you have to flip your images horizontally so that they are the mirrored images of the final images that you want. Load the inkjet printer so it will print on the glossy side of the white temporary tattoo paper. Carefully pull back the green backing a little bit at a time and smooth the adhesive sheet as you go.
If not using the Silhouette, use scissors to cut out the temporary tattoos with a thin border around each image. The collage is clickable so click on any project you want to see and you will be taken there.
If you make a purchase through one of those links, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.
It’s a new craft paint ink that allows you to basically create your own fabric design, using a special paint transfer method. The neat thing is that you can blend colors together if you’d like, creating your own custom design. If you would like to use them on cotton, you just need to prep the cotton first with this special spray. Another thing to remember is that with a thin nude nylon, you could just put it on inside out rather than reversing the image. If you want some designs that are a little different or more detailed than some of the free clip art out there, check out urbanthreads they have machine embroidery designs but all are also available as stock art & hand embroidery. You're welcome to link to this site or use a single image and brief description to link back to any post.

Keep in mind that unless you are adept at drawing or don't mind spending a lot of time tracing, simple designs with clean lines work best for the technique listed below.Click on image to enlarge. Please note that that since I made these temporary tattoos for my kids, they are sized smaller for kids.
Line up the exposed adhesive with the corner of the printed temporary tattoo paper and smooth it down. The kids will have some tattoos for their bodies and us ladies can have some to decorate our faces.
You can paint any design on any piece of paper (coloring pages, even copy paper) and using an iron, you transfer your painted design to fabric.
Remember if it’s text, you will need to be able to reverse the image so that when you iron it on, it reads the right way. They showed how to do something similar to this a while back with just markers on the nylons. When you iron, you can make the image transfer lighter or darker depending on how long your keep the iron moving on top of the paper of your design. Tip: The tattoo paper is expensive so before I use the cut feature on it, I printed the design out on regular paper first.

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