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Unique, well-written blogs not only drive direct traffic but also enable greater relevance and visibility to your site through higher rankings from search engines.
A powerful website platform, such as WordPress, simplifies the process of creating and publishing blogs for your existing website.
Step 5: After logging in, upload the extracted WordPress files to a web host directory of your choice. Step 8: To add a user to the new database, choose the user and carefully select the created database. Step 9: Manage user privileges by checking on the appropriate action items for your individual website.
Now that the user is added to the database, go to the main page by clicking the “Go Back” button. Check out this recent blog article if you’re curious to learn about 14 other recommended content management systems.
Web development can seem scary for beginners, but we compiled a list of 25 blogs suggested for beginner developers. Now, the app has been updated with another round of improvements, which include a couple of significant new features for on-the-go WordPress bloggers and website owners. WordPress for iOS has long been enabling users to carry out a number of key blog and site management tasks.
The latest update to WordPress for iOS also lets you access themes right at your fingertips. In the details screen of your blog, there’s a new Themes option that you can select to access the Themes Browser in the app. As expected, the latest update to WordPress for iOS includes bug fixes and other under-the-hood improvements.

WordPress is a great platform for displaying blog-style content that continuously rotates on the front page, with new content pushing older content down and, eventually, off to another (rarely, if ever seen) page.
This task isn't too difficult, although, depending on how you set it up, it can be confusing as hell, so I'll walk you through the simple way of getting it done. First, back up your theme directory so you can roll back any changes if something goes awry.
Now, under the Front Page Displayssection, mark "A static page", and select "Homepage" from the first dropdown.
Also remember the actual titles you gave the home and blog pages when creating them in the WordPress admin so you can select the proper pages in the Settings > Reading section. And finally, whatever page slug you give your blog page when creating it in the WordPress admin is the URL by which you'll access it (assuming you're using pretty permalinks). Seriously, it's probably the single best way to find out how we think and what makes us different.
Blogging is an opportunity to distribute fresh content and engage with your customers and readers. Highly recommended for businesses of all sizes, the WordPress software is low cost and user friendly. Leave the default values for the Database Host and Table Prefix, and click the “Submit” button.
These include creating and editing posts and pages, moderating comments, viewing site statistics, uploading media, and more. You can search and filter themes, tap the ellipsis button for a theme to preview and customize it, and then activate it.
This is great for bloggers, but not so good for those who don't want a blog as their homepage, which happens to be just about every single one of my clients.

Just remember the name of the page template that you added to the top of the homepage.php file so you can select that as the page template when creating the homepage in the WordPress admin.
As a trusted advocate for small businesses, we’re here to navigate you through the piles of confusing and suspicious offers. Therefore, it’s important to be involved every step of the way, including but not limited to setting up your blog, creating an editorial calendar, publishing posts, sharing via social media, and reacting to readers. In addition, a large variety of built-in templates and WordPress-friendly plug-ins are available to add functionality and personality to your blog.
He is currently focused on helping local marketing agencies and their small business customers get the most out of SEO and inbound marketing.
In fact, most of my clients want an entire site in addition to the blog run through WordPress, which is a whole other tutorial entirely.
UpCity will lead you in the right direction by providing easy insights and simple solutions for your business marketing plan.
Members receives an in-depth, personalized action plan to help optimize their site, and our team is here to help you along the way.
Each week, we’re featuring an in-depth look at one of the recommended tasks built into the UpCity software.

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