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Although the seal script of the kanji symbol for love looks enigmatic, you can immediately recognize the pictogram for heart at the center: A wonderful heart with ventricles and arteries, an ancient anatomic depiction of the human heart. If you have a close look at the seal script calligraphy, it looks as if the heart was wrapped up. Below the heart stands the symbol for going slowly, represented by a human being and a foot. A wide interpretation of the kanji AI would be that love lies deep in the heart and that it transforms our being. The reiki symbols in standard, semicursive, cursive and ancient seal script have each a magic spell. The essence of reiki, the healing energie coming form the higher mind, is well expressed in both characters.
Every time I cook rice I see a life performance of the kanji KI: steam that lifts up from the pot where I am cooking the rice.

Calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue has brushed the reiki symbols for you, the reiki practitioner. She has written love in the ancient style and in the semi cursive- style of Japanese calligraphy. The acient script is mysterious, the cursive flows, semicursive is full of strength and the standard script links to the earth. I have brushed the kanji symbols with the traditional large form of the kanji KI, instead of the simplified form, to maintain its expressive power. The three upper strokes represent the steam, while the third slanting stroke encloses the character for rice. You can choose between four different styles and match the style that most suits your personal feelings. All hand-brushed reiki kanji designs are available for men, women and kids and in different colors.

The heart is where you feel; it is at the very center of your physical and emotional being.
The original meaning for the kanji AI or love is to swallow down into ones heart, to love.
Probably it means that the ancient Chinese believed that love makes one graceful, hence going slowly.
Both evoke the magic of love, the seal script conceals the secret of love, the semi-cursive style expresses the strength of love.
It could not be otherwise, the Chinese mind thinks of rice and life breath as inseparable from each other.

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