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Quotes can be said as one of the best ways to express love, feel, thoughts and interest etc. In choosing the best wishes for them, you can consider some factors such as based on their age, reputation, value of your relationship, likes and so on. In fact, some people will claim for those quotes in the form of poem as written like poetry. There are also numerous forms of birthday wishes wording that you can send or address through SMS, birthday cards, personally such as funny wordings, inspirational, sweet, cute wishes and many more.
Show your love and care to them by giving some gifts and especially those birthday wishes that can add more fun on their celebration. Here are some slightly funny 16th birthday messages that you can include you your birthday wishes.

Most of the cute quotes that are written by the personalities did not mean to have an inspiration or any interpretation.
As our traditionally or habitual way to show our care and love to someone important to us during their birthdays is to give them some birthday present, birthday cards or even a simple birthday wishes and greetings.
There are some 16th birthday wishes and greetings beneath that you can address to your friend, sister or any person you like to greet on their 16th birthday celebration. I’ve also included some nice 16t birthday quotes that you can write in a birthday card.
These quotes are just written out of their own experience and forget them after writing it. But when audience read them, they do not forget any of the quotes because it may resemble as their life or it may have some meaning on it.

If you find it very difficult to write a quote, then select for giving a card that consists of excellent words on it.
Whatever it is, the meaning of those cute quotes remains the same and people enjoy reading it.
If you find it very difficult to write it 2 or 3 sentences, then write the whole story initially. Majority of the celebrities who have written cute quotes will do this and then make it as simple as possible.

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