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Flower tattoos are some of the most beautiful designs that one can get done on their bodies.
Choose from the beautiful daisy tattoo ideas presented in this site to accentuate your feminine essence. Flowers are favorite subjects for many painters and artists even during the Medieval and Renaissance period. In the early 60’s, daisy tattoo became rampant and popular among many humanity organizations and movements.These tattoos became a sign of peace and harmony for the mankind.
Even young girls desires to have their own daisy tattoo design to bring out their youth and innocence. TweetDaisies are a cheerful flower and they look really nice, so it’s no surprise that someone who is looking for a flower tattoo would choose the daisy.
A nice looking daisy paired with a gorgeous rose make a nice tattoo on the girl’s side.
These tattoo designs offered a new hope for many people for innocence and purity beyond race and principle. Whether it be a small playful daisy or a bold detailed daisy, they look amazing and will definitely make a statement.
Hawaiian flowers like the Hibiscus and the Bird of Paradise have great bright colors; it’s a natural to see them in ink. With the possibility of variation in size, colour, design and associations, daisy tattoos also hold great symbolic value for the wearer. Like roses and lilies, daisies are very popular among tattoo aficionados throughout the world.

Daisy tattoos became a symbol for femininity and innocence and is becoming one of he most popular tattoo designs today. The white daisy symbolizes virtuousness and often associated with the innocence of the Child Jesus. While there is no specific meaning behind the daisy tattoo, a person may have a certain connection with the flower (e.g. The Hibiscus is often seen in tattoos for the meaning of the connection we have to mother earth. With a great symbolic history, daisy tattoos have a positive aspect that they can be blended with many elements so as to give a better outcome.
That is why daisies are used as offerings to the Church and often seen beside the images of Madonna and Child, Virgin Mary and Christ Child Jesus.
Red color of this design symbolizes happiness in love while yellow daisy tattoos mean happiness with the group of friends you are with. Daisy tattoo may come in simple and subtle designs that can still be attracting and eye catching. Some people choose to pair the daisy with another type of flower, while others choose a star or swirly line to compliment their daisy tattoo. So, today we have come up with a lot of information about daisy tattoos so that you can understand them well and get convinced for your next tattoo.
These flowers have been held with high esteem in many ancient cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Having it worn on any part of the body, from the shoulders to your ankles, daisy tattoos will keep its beauty and magnificence that always expresses your personality and individuality to others.

No matter what the reason behind choosing the daisy tattoo is, you will be able to find several different designs.
Also, we have a huge collection of images of different daisy tattoos that can surely give you some idea about the available designs in the market.SYMBOLIC HISTORY OF DAISYThe daisy flower has been associated with different ancient cultures throughout the world since long.
These flowers have often been associated in Christian art and literature with the qualities of innocence and purity.
Generally, daisy tattoos represents joy and true happiness which is very a unique and exceptional characteristic for a simple flower. Daisy tattoos can come in a variety of colors such as pink, red, yellow, blue and violet, and specific meanings are said to be denoted by each color. Daisy flower is seen in many Christian art and is believed to represent innocence and purity of the Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. For example, red daisies are associated with youthful energy and boldness; the qualities of cheerfulness and intelligence are associated with yellow daisies and blue daisies represent the emotions and the softer side of the wearer.
Some deeper meanings can be formed when daisy is associated with different Christian symbols.VARIATION IN COLOUR AND DESIGNAlthough the most common design of daisy flower portrays a deep yellow centre with white petals, but still there is a variety of species of daisy flowers having different colours.
Other ideas expressed by daisy tattoos include serenity, peace, love, good fortune, simplicity and happiness. These tattoos can be worn in numerous ways, which may include large flower bouquets, daisy chains and single blooms.

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