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Duck hunters feel so strongly about their support they’ve created a very strong brotherhood and organization. This tattoo is obviously worn by a proud Elk or Deer bow hunter which is symbolized by the arrow.  The light coloring on an otherwise skeletal tatoo presents and air of realizm to this piece. This arrow tattoo has a great forearm placement; perfect for the bow length and representative of a bow hunter. This person is showing their love for hunting with bow and arrow.  This is a very nice example of a wrist tatto in smaller size; yet with a good amount of detail! Source   Two Bears A full back tattoo of two bears fighting with one another in the wilderness. A colorful back tattoo with two rifles crossing each other with two ducks flying away and a hound dog at the bottom.

A black and grey tattoo with a raccoon up a tree and a hunting dog barking at the base of the tree. The brown detailed hound dog is stalking the colorful prized duck on this person’s forearm. TweetThe reason behind getting a dog paw tattoo can be as simple as the person likes the way paw prints look while others have a much more significant reason for this tattoo. He's surprised to get a desk back, but the unique batoane deer track tattoo designs is also wonderful.
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First tattoo of whitetail deer track with barbed wire bands. It is an arm band that goes all the way around my bicep. Some people use a paw print to represent their four legged friend with or without the name of their beloved dog.

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