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Sometimes, turning your wedding planning visions into reality doesn't accommodate your pocketbook, especially in such economically trying times. Either way, do-it-yourself weddings are "in" and with so many couples embracing the DIY movement, we 're always busy helping you along the way with as many easy, affordable and practical ideas as we can collect.
Rent some large Martini glasses (or other glass vases) and fill them with either clear or coloured gel balls; add a small LED light or candle. Or, place one single flower in a wine glass; you can even add some pearls to each for effect. If you don't like tall vases, you can use a short vase with a candle in it and place the flowers around the vase like a wreath. For this Friday we thought we’d send you off crafting with a sweet DIY project from Ez of Creature Comforts.
Step 1: Download and print the provided feather templates onto cardstock or standard-weight paper. Step 4: Once satisfied with the feather shape, cut out notched portions of your feather using the template as your guide. Step 5: Once all your feathers have been cut, choose which feathers you will use for your boutonniere. Step 6: Once feathers have been selected, place them together as you would like them arranged in the boutonniere. Step 8: Grasp the short end of twine in one hand and use the other hand to begin tightly wrapping the longer length of twine downward and around the exposed wire loop. How cool is this idea, thanks for the tutorial it`s really useful, love it, love it and the blog your are great. I wanted to follow along and allow you to know how , a great deal I valued discovering your web site today. I'm a huge feather fan and this will be a craft activity that will bring much pleasure in the making but also in the giving as I'm going to be adding these to my Christmas wrappings this year.
DIY- Do It Yourself Wedding Invitation KitFor something totally different, then consider this beautiful scroll. About our DIY Wedding Invitation KitsIf you would like to customise the design of this wedding invitation to suit your individual preferences, please contact us directly for a quote prior to ordering.
Michelle of Michelle, Ryan and Ellie Mae ,who also happens to be a gorgeous Bridal Musings bride (Whoop!), shares a step by step tutorial on how to create gold and glitter dipped feather garlands.
I especially love the idea of tying the feathers to a balloon ~ they’d make a fab addition to these Geronimo style big round balloons. Brown paper packages tied up with string plus a couple of sparkly, gold dipped white feathers perched on top would be delightful!

OOOooh, these are so lovely – off to raid my daughter’s art box for some gold glitter!!
If you click on the picture at the top, it’ll bring you to a page asking to visit their new blog. Our gal Christy of One Handspun Day is back this week sharing a super chic DIY to make the pretty feather clutch seen above! From Christy: There are three reasons why I’m head over heels for this DIY: it only costs a few dollars to make but looks tres expensive, it can be completed in one episode of Downton Abbey, and it’s the perfect way to get some extra life out of the old clutch in the back of your closet! Cut a piece of ribbon that is long enough to run horizontally across your clutch, adding enough so that it runs over the edge of the clutch and onto one of the sides.
Apply Goop to the back of a feathered ribbon and place it firmly in place onto your clutch.
For you DIYer’s that want to do this, this feather is actually available already fixed to a white satin tape for ease in application.
Today, more "do-it-yourself" centrepiece ideas that will impress even your most discerning of guests.1. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut around the outside of feather template leaving notched portions uncut. You can also cut these shapes out freehand, or cut multiple slits around your entire feather for a look that has more texture. Then starting at the base of the feathers twist the wires together tightly until you reach the end of the wires. Tie the twine in a tight knot around the top of the exposed wire, leaving one length of twine of approximately 4″ length hanging out at one side. We can see them also being used as napkin rings, tucked within your bouquet or if you’re really ambitious you could create some feather garlands. I’d consider it a honor to do things at my workplace and be able to make use of the tips shared on your site and also be a part of visitors’ reviews like this. The white scroll is of solid construction and is decorated using a handmade pink Japanese Silk.
I don’t know about you lovelies, but a feathered clutch is a staple for the times I want to add an extra punch of chic to my outfit with a statement piece. Tip: Add a small piece of tape to each end of the ribbon to hold it firmly in place during this step.
She’ll also show you how to dress feathers up as wedding favors and slip one or more into your hair for a carefree bohemian look.
You can even dress your feathers up with dots using the tip of a fine-tipped permanent marker!

Fold the twisted wires upward and to the back of your feathers, so that it forms a loop at the bottom end of the feathers. If you’d like to attach a button, thread it onto the ends of your twine, secure ends in back with a double knot and trim off excess.
The other side of the scroll features the names of the bride and groom printed on the popular Metallic Antique White Mist, and is finished off a 6mm satin ribbon bow and a white feather.This item is especially suited to those who intend on hand delivering their invitations.
Real Bride Diary: Having No Bridesmaids & My Thoughts on Wedding Traditions Romantic Pink Wedding with a Touch of Rock 'n' Roll Cool Southern Wedding with Urban Vibes and Luxe Blooms Real Bride Diary: Why is Choosing a Wedding Photographer So Hard! The romantic floating texture of this clutch pairs beautifully with a structured dress (hello, peplum!)…. Add feathers to any other places on your clutch that look like they could use a little more coverage.
But once you have mastered how to create the feathers the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!
No two feathers in nature are ever the same, so have fun with it and don’t worry about making them perfect. Throw on some bold lipstick and you have a killer look for your next wedding or cocktail party! Allow your clutch to dry, then dress up in your most fab outfit and bring out your pretty ‘new’ accessory for a fun night on the town! Place a length of floral wire that is at least 6″ long into the middle of the glued portion, taking care to keep it as straight as possible. Leave several inches of wire hanging off the edge of your fabric (this will be trimmed later, if needed). Twist at the top like you are closing a twistie-tie (behind the feathers) to secure and use craft scissors to trim excess wire ends. Once you are happy with the position of your wire, fold the non-glued side of your fabric down onto the sticky side, sandwiching the wire inside.
If you will be making a lot of feathers, it is a good idea to prepare them all at once to minimize your waiting time.

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