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There are perhaps as many interpretations of a dog tattoo as there are cultures around the world. In Asia, especially in areas where Chinese influence has spread, dogs are considered an extremely lucky animal, almost a four-legged clover, and Asian inspired tattoos featuring dogs are often similar to a good luck charm.
Being the charmer he is, Bas has a few girlfriends around the block, including a little lady called Miss Muffles, to whom he once showed his affection by taking a wee across her hind legs. Is it just me or is it hard to imagine the Mad Men-esque couple pictured in this 1964 ad actually taking their Scottie and Westie dogs for a walk? Okay, Homeland fans, the canine version of the hit spy show is out and features a Scottish Terrier as Saul. After much detective work, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, has come to the conclusion that we erred when we identified this dog as the mysterious Laddie, and that Laddie and Mac are two entirely different terriers. I’ve put in requests for other people tattooed with Scotties to come forth and show them to the¬†Scottish Terrier and Dog News,¬†and discuss the ouch factor for those who, unlike me, might be interested in some permanent body art.

Ultimate Scottish Terrier Information PageEverything you need to know about Scotties including naughty Scottie photos, how to find a good breeder, where to get your dog groomed, the best Scottish names, famous people and their Scotties, and much more.
If your Scottie runs off, you can use your smart phone (or computer) to find your pet quickly. All about Scottish Terriers including puppies, photos, famous Scotties, rescue terriers, grooming and more.
Together they make a handsome pair, until you realise that Basil perhaps has fewer brain cells.
There was the whiskey couple yesterday and, earlier, the scotch-swilling terrier from Boneland.
They likely have a devoted housekeeper and gardener, a married couple, who hang with the dogs and take care of their daily needs. As a result, dogs and humans have been together enough for both species to form a lasting symbiotic relationship that continues to this day.

So if you want your design to always carry significance and meaning, dogs might be for you. Please know that even if you don’t hear back, your notes to the Scottie News are always greatly appreciated. While the woman could have updated her hairstyle, the car seems a bit too old fashioned for the fifties.

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